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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hard day

Today has been a hard day. Lisa and I started the day with going to the funeral home to take of Cooper. We picked out an aqua colored stone heart. it will be engraved with his name and possibly a teddy bear.

This afternoon we have seen Brin. She has a few setbacks with blood pressure which has been expected from the surgery. Also they have her paralyzed so her body can heal. we did get to see her wiggling her toes and fingers as we talked to her right before another dose was given. That is way more comforting for us to know she is still there.

Today we plan on finishing painting the room. Mike and KD are going to help. Yeah team.

Bert and I wil be returning the Cooper's furniture...another reality that no ones wants to deal with.

Both of us are still not etting quality sleep...I an hopeful that maybe some busy work will help.

Well Lisa is done pumping. Back to see Brinson.

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nicky said...

Ned & Lisa-
KD gave me the link to this blog. It's wonderful. I am reading it daily to hear about Brinson (who's name I love, by the way!). She's a little fighter! We're rooting for all of you and admire your strength.
take care,
David & Nicky Nestor