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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Old MacDonald's Farm

This past Wednesday we met up with Kim, Zachary, Kim's brother Jeff and his wife Rachel and daughter Aveline at Old MacDonald's Farm in Humble. They were visiting from California. Stephen was busy slaving away at work and couldn't join us. It was alot of fun. We swung, fed the ducks, fed the deer, rode horsies, danced, and Ned apparently fell on the slide while I wasn't looking. You should see the purple bruises on both of his thighs. They are huge.

The weather held out for us. The rain clouds started coming in as we were leaving.

Oh, and a big thanks to Jeff for "keeping up". He had to keep running to get ahead of the kiddie train to get pics. I wish I would've gotten a video LOL!

Zachary and Aveline

"This is kinda high Daddy"

Unsure of the bunnies

Warming up a little to them (they were so cute!)

Takin da train

This time with Daddy on board

Baby goat is smaller than Brinson

*Kiss Kiss*

I seeeeee you Jeff!

The babies holdin hands....awww



This was such a cute pic. Too bad it's blurry :(

"But the pony is over there, mommy!"

Beautiful bird

Hey, it's Hay!

Baby goat


Entertainment at Lunch


Random outdoor pics from today

Apparently Brinson has the photography bug too. I showed her where the "button" is and handed her the camera. The next two pics she took herself!

Thru her eyes from the swing

It's so briiiiiiiiiiiiiiight out here!

Taken by Mommy

"Hey mom, there's a nest in here"

Dr. McCandless

Brinson went and saw her dentist in Tomball today, and I managed to snag a picture. The doc says she's a little behind on her teeth development but no worries. She goes back in 6 months! Brinson has her first war wound....she bit her tongue from the top and the bottom. I never saw any blood, just the gash. The dentist looked at it today and said it looked's healing.
We love Dr. McCandless, she and her staff are excellent.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

We had a very productive weekend. Friday, 15 years ago, Ned and I met in Mexico. We went to dinner at this place called Feast. Very interesting We then went to go do something in play putt putt however it was raining so we just played inside an arcade. That's where my addiction to Guitar Hero developed.
Saturday the deck demo got finished. Thanks Uncle Mike for helping. I know the guys were miserable because it was HOT!
Easter started out with us going to breakfast with Grandma and Grandfather at Denny's. I'm not sure but I think the Easter bunny made an appearance....who would've thought the Easter bunny liked Denny's???
We came back to the house afterwards and played with my Easter present from Daddy.....Guitar Hero 5...yeah!!!! (And noooo there aren't any pics!)
Then in the pm, we went over to Nana's and Grampa's to celebrate her birthday and eat lamb! And the biggest suprise of all....which you will see on the last video at the bottom of this post.

Hope all had a Happy Easter!!!!

Look at that mess..and there's even more I didn't take a pic of.

Trying to wear Grandma's necklace

Brinson was enthused with the

New meaning to the word 4 eyes! She loves doing this.

Easter garb

With Daddy, note the bib is doubling as a cape?!? lol

This was the "walking" at the beginning of the day....