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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Morning Folks - still only small pee!

Lisa was awakened this morning by her milk producers. They were yearning to give. She pumped an amazing 129 ml (triple from 2 days ago). Heat really does work, thanks Kim!

Lisa called in this am and Brin has only peed a few drops since 12 midnight. But the good news is maybe her oozing has slowed or stopped. Her blood numbers looked good.

We are headed up to the hospital this am. We have eye appointments mid we need to get an early start.

Pee Dancing is required for all who read this blog!

Thanks to everyone for helping out!

1 comment:

Barb said...

Pee Dancing it is. I am about to mow the lawn and the neighbors will definitely be confused with what I am doing... Might be good exercise for the "couch butt."
Each moment I wake in the night another prayer is sent... we all love you... Keep strong and remember Brin is a fighter...