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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Daddy, Mommy, Grampa and Abuelo hold....

Mommy went to Laura's shower (Noah's mom) today. She had a great time with the other NICU Mommies (Jessica (Aubrey's Mom) and Kim (Zachary's Mom)) as well as some others at the shower. According to Mommy, Noah/Laura got some pretty good loot.

This evening as I came in I ran in to Dr Thompson, she informed me Brinson was now on CPAP of 6 the lowest setting. And as long as everything goes well tonight she will go to cannula tomorrow. Everyone cross your fingers.

Auntie Tiffani took the picture and video below while Mommy was at Laura's baby shower.

My butt got sore in the rocking chair so I got up with Brinson (she never even woke up). I am sitting on the one of 3 rolling drawers (we have moved in) that has a cushion on it....ahhh!

Abuelo and Brinson

Great news....guess you would like to "hear"

Well Brinson can hear as well. Mommy just got word this morning that Brinson passed her hearing test. YEAH!!!!!!

Weening CPAP

We started weening the CPAP yesterday. CPAP went from 10 to 8. Once we get to 6, then Brin can transition to cannulas. Assuming the feeding and gaining weight is going well then we can go h__.

Overall Brin is doing quite well....the only concern is feeding and gaining enough weight so we can transition to h___. We will probably not do a bottle because of her reflux and she will have a pump and oxygen at h___ for a short time.

But we will be h___.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Help me! Help me! I am baking!

Brinson was cold last night so we did not get to weigh her. She was 96.5 (pod was very cold 67 degrees. Anyhow we bundled her and changed her to warmer clothes and said good night around 9:30pm. There was definitely a worried Mother and Nana thinking Brinson was sick.....

Well about 1/2 hour later the nurse checked her and discovered Brinson was on the track at97.4 degrees and then 1hour later she was 98.6. So she took off the blanket. Well then some time later Brinson was screaming....the nurse discovered she was 100.1 degrees. Susan the night nurse adlibed for Brinson,...."Help me Help me I am baking".....

Lisa took the camera this morning, so I did not get a chance to get the photos off....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Central Line is more IVs

We just learned from Brinson's nurse today that the central line has been pulled (Thanks Cheryl). That is awesome because that means less dependency and her gut is working good enough, even with the chute, to provide enough nutrition for her to gain weight.

No pictures from yesterday....Brin was out like a light after her bath and bag changing. BTW the bag is lasting 1 to 2 days now instead of every few hours. Thanks Susan.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ding dong the nitric is dead!

After some prodding by the nurse today (Cheryl), the nitric has been removed. So far no ill effects from the removal.

But the nitric is gone, Way to go Cheryl!!!! Thanks!

Brinson slept all day until....

....Daddy and Nana arrived. Brinson woke up for a few hours while Nana held.

It seems Mommy and Daddy really wore Brinson out. She slept all nite and all day except for about 2 hours. The nite nurse (Susan, who is the ostomy bag queen) said she slept so good and hard that changing her diaper did not even wake her up.

Brinson lost a few ounces yesterday and gained a few last nite. She is now ~6 3/4 lbs. Wow....almost 7lbs. The feeds are up to 19cc per hour or 155 per kilo. Tomorrow the nitric should be gone...yeah and then we can focus on the CPAP weening.

Look at my new outfit. I am a big girl now.

Hey Nana, wassup dawg!

What are you doing, I feel like I am falling....

Sucking time!!!!

I am very sleepy Nana, can you rock me?

Rock-a-bye baby....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Party time with Brinson

Brinson was awake from 4pm to 9pm today. During this time, both Mommy and Daddy got to hold her.

Brinson is doing pretty well. Tomorrow the Nitric will be down to 1ppm....hopefully by Thursday we will be off of it. She is currently still on Dextrose via IV and Neocate 18cc per hour via a feeding tube.

We still have no idea when we are going h___.

She took a cat nap while I was holding her.

Yummy Lemur eyeball...

Like Father like daughter

Now that is a yawn!!!

Watching my new aquarium

Suck the rubber off that pacifier...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Minus CPAP

They had to change out the tape, so a few of us were able to see her live without the CPAP.

Brinson, Brinson and more Brinson

No more pictures Daddy!

Stop, hold it right there......ahhhh
Thanks Nancy and Chris, the blanket keeps Brin very warm.

what is that in front of me?

It goes over my head, I know I have seen this before

Oh, just the tube!

.....just the tube

Here is Mommy soothing Brin


Abuelo with Brinson

Abuelo got to spend some quality time with Brinson last night. He talked and sang to her and had, of course, pacifier duty.