Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Everything going well!

Daddy had a long stressful week at work and now has allergies.

But Brinson is doing well. They increased her diuretic to help with the hazy lungs. So she lost some weight on the 22nd and now is in the plus side for the 23rd.

She has not made any improvements on the CPAP so far, but we are also not getting worse. So that is good.

Brinson's Hair is getting lighter

Mommy just loves holding Brinson!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

NICU buddies

Mommy here again....

Most of you know Kim and Stephen, but we wanted to put up some pics of our other NICU buddies. We have a few families that we go out and eat with and do things with outside the hospital. One family, Chris and Nancy Flournoy, parents of little James, we've not been able to chase them down for a picture yet.

Jessica and Jimmy Townsend with their daughter Aubrey

Sami and Laura Rahman with their son Noah

Along with the Baldwins when they were here, we have alot of laughs and fun times with these families. It's a shame we have all met under these circumstances, but it's nice to be with people who know what you're going through. We have made friendships that I think will surpass this hospital experience. Thanks guys!

Happy Day for the Baldwins

This is mommy posting as daddy cause once again I can't remember my password...go figure.

Yesterday was an awesome day for the Baldwin family. They got to take Zachary home! I managed to capture some pics and you can see more on their blog.

While I will really miss Kim (and Stephen lol) I am so glad I got to be a part of this special moment. We will be good friends for life. Since we have decided that Zachary and Brinson will be married when they are older, I made tee shirts to honor that. (Note the initials..weird huh???)

Tripled her birth weight!

Brinson has tripled her birth weight and now weighs a whopping 3lbs 9.5oz.

She is wearing outfit number 2 that Mommy picked for her.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Grin,Grin!!!

Last night while sitting with Brinson I saw no Grin, Grin, no Grin, Grin...over and over until finally I got one on camera.



First shirt!

Yesterday, because she is over 1500g Brinson got to wear a shirt. Well here it is...

Bigger than the Monkey

Not only is Brinson longer but she is also bigger than the monkey. Look at the left hand on both the Monkey and Brinson. Pretty funny....but not staged.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Brinson gains again!

Sometimes I get excited about all this weight gain, but you always have to wait and see if it sticks. Brinson gained 1.9oz or 55g tonight, but there are signs of retaining fluids. 1) Eyes are puffy 2) Mommy saw lines around her ankles when the socks came off (socks are not tight)
That means she has gained 3/4lb in 10days. Just amazing what can happen when the right formula starts working.

But more good news, she is allowed to wear clothes now. After 1500g or just over 3 1/4 lbs they start allowing babies to wear clothes. So Brinson wore her first shirt today and it is already dirty.

Also because she is wearing clothes they turn the isolette to manual controls. This is so Brinson can start trying to regulate her own temperature. After the temperature is brought down to 28 degrees Celsius and Brinson still stays above 97.6, she would then be moved to a crib.....yes a crib....just like a full term baby.

BTW Brinson is now on 10mls per hour continuously or 240mls a day. That is 2-4oz bottles. Only 6 more to go. YEAH!!!!

Brinson does have ROP Stage I, it is very common in preemies. Nothing to worry about it, they will continue to watch it. Sometimes it resolves itself, sometimes the preemies need laser surgery.

Tomorrow Zachary goes home. YEAH!!! Kim and Stephen are all excited and scared at the same. No worries they are well trained by now and love will guide them through this transition. Lisa is planning to be there to see them off.

This weekend we are planning to go out to dinner with Aubrey and Noah's parents. Should be fun.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grampa holds Brinson

Watching Grampa was actually pretty entertaining. I had to share the experience so Meme and Nana came to watch as well.

BTW Brinson gained 1.6oz and now weighs 3lbs 5.1oz (1505g).

Up on the feeds

I just talked to Lisa this morning and they have gone up on Brinson's feeds from 9.3 to 9.7mls. She is sleeping soundly and all her labs came back fine from this weekend.

So off to a good day, YEAH!!!!

Watch for the grins....this is what she does when she sleeps. It is really funny to watch. Mommy is often cackling in the background.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tonight Brinson is bigger

Brinson weighs 3lbs 3.5oz and 16 1/2 inches. WooWoo!!! They have added a milder diuretic on daily basis instead of the stronger lasix.

Grammy holds Brinson

Grammy got to hold Brinson today. It was supposed to be for 1/2 hour, but ended up being over 45mins. She loved every minute of it. Can't you tell from the grin?

In coming weeks, Abuelo and Grampa will get to hold.

Various photos from yesterday...

Brinson just loves her pacifier.

She was sound asleep when I took this photo.

We realized the other day that while Brinson sleeps she makes various faces. It is pretty funny.