Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More happy time

Holding comences today. Meme and Mommy will likely be recieptents. Brinson is down on her O's some to 30 percent.

Tomorrow Brinson will go to CPAP.


Brinson is on a rate of 15bpm and 33% O2 (for your reference 21% is room air). They decided to take my advice and try cutting back on the morphine to see how she would do. So far so good, but they will keep a close eye to make sure she is not in any pain.

They have not started her on caffeine yet, but the Auntie Tiffani indicated they may try to get her on CPAP very soon.

Mommy and Meme are headed up to the hospital.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Little Firecracker!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!

Mommy bought the decorations and Auntie Tiffani decorated!

While Amy (Nurse Practitioner) and Auntie Tiffani were cleaning up her poop (a massive 25cc), examining her stitches and putting on a new bag, Brinson was just looking around and not bothered at all. She was just eating all the attention up. BTW Turn the sound down if you don't want to hear all the medical mumbo jumbo.

Are you looking at me?

Mommy dressed Brinson up in a 4th of July outfit.

The beautiful 4th of July hat was made by some from friends of Noah's Mom. They made hats for every baby on Level 3 (24) and the remaining 26 went to Level 2 babies.

BTW if you could not tell from the videos and pictures, Brinson is doing much better.
Happy Baby = Happy Parents, it is amazing how it directly translates. She is down to 47% O2 and still on a rate of 20bpm. She will get another blood gas tomorrow morning to see how she is doing. She still has a few more doses of morphine but after those are done they will start weening so they can get her to CPAP. They are still doing dry weights for her. My guess as soon as she is cleared for holding then daily or bi-weekly weighings will commence.

A gift from Grammy and Grandfather

While Grammy was visiting Grandfather in Trinidad, she picked up a couple of things for Brinson including this "giant" t-shirt that Brinson will have to grow into.


We have poop. Brinson is doing great. This afternoon she has been awake. I even got to dress her in an independence day outfit.

Her wounds from surgery look very good...healing nicely. She is down on her oxygen. And they will try to feed her on Monday, which is awesome.

We had a train on grandparents and parents vying for Brinson's attention.

All the thoughts and prayers are working. Thanks million!!!

Brinson having a better day

Brinson has been getting more rest, not just drug induced. That is very good. Otherwise we have a cranky Brinson.

The line is a success, which is very good. Less sticks per hour is always a good thing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Central line is in!!!

Dr. Minkes put in a subcutaneous central line without a tunnel. This means a smaller incision. He thinks we just need a few weeks till we ramp up to full feeds.

We have not gotten to see her yet because of 2 other procedures afterwards.

New IV game

<----Photo is from June 29th (Day before surgery) Look at those huge cheekies!!!

Brinson has been playing the new IV game about every 2-6 hours since the central line has been pulled. She has been blowing through IVS because the volume is so high and her veins are just not that great.

They tried a PIC line this morning but were not lucky. They are likely going to do a another central line today. This will require a surgeon and going to OR.

Brinson has been progressing on the vent because her blood gases have been going well. She is now on a rate of 20-25bpm. They are preparing her for CPAP. The vent causes damage and the sooner you get her off the better. It is a balance and they do not want to push her too hard....she is still recovering from the surgery. Also her O2 requirements are still quite high at 84%...but have been as high as 100% because of her pain which has caused severe de-saturations and not breathing episodes. They think her pain management is under control....what a relief. The last 2 evenings we have been watching her grimace and cry.

BTW Please add Noah to your thoughts and prayers list. He has 2 infections as well.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brinson relaxed

I found Brinson much relaxed today. Her eyes are open and she moves a bit...but mostly she is relaxed with morphine on board.

The belly is swollen but that is to be expected. Overal she is doing ok.

Nitric will be weened off when she goes to CPAP.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Blowups of Brinson bits

Surgery complete

Brinson did well. She had 2 strictures beyond the original site. The Doctor took 1 out and will do the other in 3+ months. Hopefully we will be H_ _ _ by then.

We don't say the H word any more.

Surgery today

Brinson is going to have surgery around 2pm today. We had a priest come by and give her extra prayers this morning.

They are pulling her central line as well. The bugs stick to the line so that is common to remove it. The problem is you need at least 2 new lines for meds and blood. Usually Brinson has trouble keeping those longer than 1-2 days. So if she starts to run out she will probably get another emergency central line.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bigger belly

Much bigger belly today. The urgency for surgery is high not necessarily for the belly size but for the infections status. It will likely happen on either Monday afternoon or Tuesday. Brinson is defintely more comfortable with morphine on board and she is getting rest. Nana, Grampa, and Meme are visting today.

Keep the thoughts and prayers coming.

Hopefully feeling more comfortable

Brinson was put back on the respirator. She has been under discomfort for a while now intermittently but early this morning they decided she needed morphine. You cannot be on morphine and be on CPAP at the same time so back on the vent.

The surgeon also came by and examined Brinson and decided something was probably going to happen tomorrow and Tuesday (meaning surgery).....depending on the status of her infections.

Everyone is headed to the hospital right after lunch.