Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 12, 2008


If I had to describe Brinson in one word, I would say GRUMPY. She had her shots and was not happy about it. And she just hates CPAP. Those 2 things just put her over the top.

She is still on about 23% oxygen. They went up on her feeds from 2.3cc per hour to 3.5cc per hour. That is great news.

Her eyes are doing great, no eye test 2 weeks from this past Tuesday. (usually they check every week, the fact that they are checking less frequent speaks volumes).

Oh what is touching my face...hmmm....ahhh...oh wait those are my hands.

Daddy, let me show you how to hold my pacifier

Hold it right here!

Remember when this ring fit around her arm.

Hi Mommy and Daddy.....UGH....wait....I hate this freaking CPAP.

Look at the pretty colors....

Friday, July 11, 2008

Before and After Bathtime

I am so sleepy Mommy and Daddy. I was awake all day.

Yes I am grinning, I love to grin right before bath time.

Whoa! It is cold in here.

It's Bath time yeah!!!!

Mommmmmeeeee, that're.....scrubbing

Getting dressed....difficult?

Hey look at spinning leaves and animals...they're so pretty...

My eyes are open, but I am zoning big time

I am so sleepy after bath time.....


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mobile and more

Brinson got a mobile yesterday. Mommy is planning to donate it to the NICU at the end of her stay. The mobile has bright colors, classic music and a light....perfect for a growing baby.

Hi Daddy, I love it when you hold my pacifier.

Hi Mommy, I am very sleepy. I know I look awake, but really I am not.

Big Smile....only Mommy makes her smile like that....


BTW Brinson is starting to tolerate the neocate. She had very little residual through the night and this morning. She is down on her oxygen to almost room air.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeding and Nitric

Brinson has moved on to Neocate (easier to digest than milk, supposedly). She has been on it before and worked up to 12cc per hour. Right now she is still working to maintain 2.3cc per hour with the Neocate. She worked on 9cc in her belly all night and finally finished it so they started the feeding pump up again this morning. She will not do bottles until they are satisfied with more cc and Brin has a swallow study. And we won't do bottles until after CPAP, so it will be weeks before that happens. Also it takes a bit more energy to process Neocate vs pedialyte. So only time will tell.

As for the nitric, they are weening very slow and are not planning to change the CPAP settings until the nitric is gone. So every other day we go down 1 point. When we get to 5 we will go slower. Today we just moved to 8ppm. Also at 5ppm, they plan to do another picture of her heart to make sure everything is copasetic.

Dinner with the Rahmans

Last night after Noah's surgery we had "Dinner" with the Rahman's.....if you call Beer and Pizza dinner, then we did. We all had a great time, we told stories about our kids and better yet the Rahman's got to vent a bit. Which is a must, if that is one thing I have learned is you have to be able to vent to someone and not always your partner. The NICU process is very very and I mean very stressful plus we all have lives on top of it. Eventually you explode (right Jimmy? (Ellie's dad)) if you can't vent.

Noah is doing very well and we know he will have a fast recovery.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Holding and Nana visits

The prongs don't even need to be in my nose and I saturate just fine.

Hi Nana!! Do you like my new outfit from Great Aunt Barb? I do!

Nana has pacifier duty.

New Videos

Brinson and Daddy

Feed me I am hungry!

Don't tease me Daddy, I can't find it....Ahhh I found it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New diggs

Brinson is now in a crib. Here are a few pictures, I will post videos later when the blogger is behaving.
She is still on 30 percent oxygen and they have begun weening her off the nitric (10ppm and now it is 9ppm) At 5ppm they will do another echo of her heart to make sure everything is still good.
The feeding (pedialyte) had a false start with 6 out of 9cc residual at 8'oclock. They left the 6cc in her tummy and checked again in an hour and then it was only 1cc residual. That is good....that means she processed 8 of the 9cc. So they started the feeding back up again.
BTW Noah is having re-anastamosis surgery tomorrow (getting rid of the poop bag). So everyone keep the Rahman's in your prayers.


Brinson is bit irritable today. They think she is probably going through withdraws (shaky) from the morphine.

After doing some car shopping, we found Brinson wide awake and telling us how much she wants food, attention, her pacifier....or whatever.

Oh yeah, she is on 2.3cc per hour of pedialyte. They just started at 4pm.

Brinson will likely go home with a feeding tube and pump. With an ostomy or chute, as I like to call it, makes it necessary for slower feeding to ensure she does not what comes in goes out. That means a hungry and skinny baby. No one wants that.

We really don't care as long as we get her h___.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brinson on CPAP

At 130pm today they moved her from the tube to nasal CPAP. Here is Brinson with no tape or breathing gadgets on her face. Look at those cheeks. I even got to hold her today for about an hour. She was a bit antsy because of just moving to CPAP, but we did ok.

Tomorrow they will begin feeding her.

.....and the key to getting her out of there is nutrition.

Also Meme left to go back to Indiana tonight. She says she'll be returning in a few weeks when she gets some errands done. We appreciate her and all the help she gives when she's here. Hurry back Meme, Lisa loves the company!

Growing like a weed!!!

Brinons weighs 6lbs 6.5oz and is 19 1/2 inches long.

She had lots of gas yesterday, which is good. That is a good sign that her tummy and small intestines are working. She also pooped over 100cc yesterday. That probably means she is a couple of ounces lighter since being weighed.

Anyhow she is still growing like a weed!

Hands of Brinson

Hey Dadday, whatcha doing?

Oh...holding my pacifier

Mommy got to hold Brinson yesterday and both of them really enjoyed it. While she was holding Brin's hands were just a going.

Mommmy I go it

Hey where did my pacificer go?

I am A-ok!!!

Are those my fingers touching my face?

I don't know if those are my fingers

Hey Mommy, the lower light is better.

Watch me turning my head at the beginning of the video. Yeah I have a bald would have one too if you layed around all day sleeping. It will grow back. I may look like Daddy, but I have hair :>