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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back at home after 1 week

Mommy and Daddy are exhausted from staying the hospital for 1 week. It was not restful at all. People coming in and out all day and night.

And to top it off we have a new feeding schedule with the bottles that we all have to get used to that means more hours awake and less asleep.

But now we are at home now and there is nothing like your own bed and environment. I got less hours of sleep last night, but I slept much better.....because it was my own bed and it was uninterrupted. That makes a heck of difference.

It is bottle time!

Brinson is starting to grab and hold on to the bottle. We have a lot of work. She starts out pretty good, but gets tired and is not able to drink by bottle alone. She has a feeding tube for the remainder. We are still working all the details out.

We definitely know what Milk drunk is. It is pretty funny. She drinks and her eyes roll back in her head. I have to tickle her at nite to get her to drink.....another pretty funny thing....when she is asleep there is not much that can wake her.

Happy Baby!

What a happy babby, don't you agree? She is constantly full of smiles now....except when she is hungry.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

7months old and first poopy diaper for mommy

Today Brinson is 7months old....AND.....this is Mommy's first poopy diaper. I got to change one diaper (right after she was born) then instestine perforation and all other poop has been in a bag.

So today is huge deal, because poop means her bottom is working....sounds obvious eh? And per Dr. Bloss (gut surgeon) you cannot eat until you poop. So that is the next step......then we go home. Dr. Bloss thought by Monday we would be home.....yesterday we would never had guessed that, but I think he might be right.

Woohoo I just made poopy Daddy!

Wait a minute.............

Just when Daddy finishes blogging about poop...............................our big girl gave us another nice green suprise in her diaper! pictures of poop either. Even though Mommy said we should put a pic up, take our word for it and we'll spare you the rest of the details! Go B Go!!!!!!

Poop and what is missing?

Brinson pooped this morning (Mommy and Daddy missed it, we were tired from yesterday's stress....I guess) Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. My guess is Dr. Bloss will want to feed her now that we know she is pooping.

Ok here are 2 photos, what is missing?

If you guessed oxygen/O2/cannulas, your are right, this morning they weened her from 1/8 to 1/16 to off. I believe she probably did not need it the last fews days....except her belly was so full and hurting and it caused her to have shallow breathing. It doesn't really matter now.

Smiles and Volcanoes

Yesterday was an interesting day because we had smiles in the morning (previous post) and smiles in the afternoon/evening. During the day we had volcanoes. There was just too much stuff in her belly. Because of this it had to come Volcanoe. No I am not going to show your pictures and videos of vomit...that is gross. I just wanted you know to understand the tone. So even though we had lots of smiles we were still worried because of all the volcanoing!
The Brinson got relief after they pulled all the fluid off her belly. Most of it came out in the first few hours (now, today it is almost nothing coming out.) But to give you an idea how much it was, normally she has anywhere from 15-20cc of fluid in her tummy, they pulled out 30cc and then over 100cc more over next 2-3 hours. She got instant relieft, hence the smiles in the afternoon/evening.
We had a few visitors come by and wear her out for us. Nana, Grampa and Abuelo really enjoyed their visit.

Oh yeah the smiles, well here you are....enjoy, I know we did!!!