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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Play date at Zachary's

Last weekend we had a play date at Zachary's...

Crawlin' to the Kitty Kitty

..which included some pool time.
Brinson was taking a nap at the beginning of pool time, so I got a few photos of Zachary

Hey Guys, I just woke up from my nap....and now your putting water in my face.

Here is Mommy getting some pooltime with Brinson.

Learning to share

Playing with the water

Ready for a some water!

Someone is a little worn out....ready to go inside Meme.

After nearly an hour in the pool, Zachary did not want to Mommy made getting out fun

Brinson really loves making noise. This xylophone was a real hit. No pun intended.

Riding one of Zachary's toys

Brinson's buddy

Dava is Brinson's Occupational Therapist who comes and sees her every week. Dava has been with us for 8 months now. She's really sweet and B loves her (Even though Dava makes her work!).