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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cozumel 1/3

We just got a couple weeks ago from 11 days of paradise in Cozumel, Mexico.  We had a ton of fun, lots of sun, mojitos, diving, food,and not in that order!  I've finally got around to posting the pics!  We took over 1100 so it was a little time consuming.  Ned went diving almost everyday.  He's going to post them later.   It was a very low key vacation, although we did manage to rent a jeep for the day once, and go into town twice.  Lots of shopping!  One of the best experiences was the Tequila Tour.  It's a must see if you're going to Cozumel!!!!  It was phenomenal!   After the first day Brinson was darker than any of us!  It was very safe, we had no issues except for Ned getting his Oakley's and hat stolen off our upstairs porch and Meme got her Nike flip flops taken also.  I think it may have been an inside job lol.  All in all though, it was great and we love Cozumel and have missed it.  We'll be coming back here often but next time we will either stay at the Iberostar again or try a completely new hotel.  The Allegro was okay but they are so overworked and short staffed, it's very hard for them to keep up with the amount of visitors at the hotel.  For example, ONE bartender at the beach bar.....that equals lonnnnnnng lines.  No matter, we still love the Island!!!   Enjoy the pictures!

At the hotel Waterpark

The pelican slide

There's "Cheetos" and her froggy hat from Meme

Mommy reading 

Meme and Brinson

Walking to dinner

Brinson and Mommy

Posing lol

3 Generations

Happy family

Happy girl

Meme and Brinson by our rooms


Inside the oriental restaurant


Havin fun

Daddy's turn.  Mommy went down, thank God no cameras around!! lol

In front of one of the slides

Waterpark!  Ned and B are on right side of pic under "mushroom"

Brinson and Meme (with her mojito!)

Passed out at mexican restaurant lol

I wanna Iguana

At the Tequila tour

Agave plants (what tequila is made from)

Brinson almost sipping Mommy's awesome margarita!!!


Tequila factory

At Mezcalitos

Mezcalitos beach

Ugh...trying, trying

Oh boy, what have I done?!?

Ahhhhh, much better!  I love vacation!!

Trip to Cozumel March 2012 Pt 2/3

Alligators at Punta Sur Eco park

View from inside Celarain Lighthouse at Punta Sur

Punta Sur

View from the Lighthouse

Absolutely breathtaking

From the top

Looking down at a jeep tour

Daddy and Brinson at the top

Windy beach

Meme and Brinson


Woohoo! Lots of spray!

Playin in the sand

Daddy and Brinson at the Allegro beach

Beach at the Allegro

I love this pic

Snorkel time

Mommy and daughter

She loves the water

Meme snorkeling

Another mommy daughter moment

There's Meme again!

Lil Fashionista at the beach

Fun in the sand

"But mommy, I want to snorkel too!"

Perfect sunset

Meme having trouble with her mask lol

Meme sunning and reading

Brinson passed out at dinner