Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mini Update

I got a call yesterday from the Endocrinologist. Brinson's GNRH test was positive so she does indeed have precocious puberty. They are going to do a brain MRI to "rule out tumors etc". Gee, thanks....and right in time for the weekend....thanks for scaring the &*%$ outta me. The most common cause in girls is ideopathic, so that makes me hopeful. With everything she's been through, it just worries me. They will have to sedate her for the MRI, so Im hoping like hell that MAYBE it can be oral and not IV medication. The horrors of her last lab visit are still haunting me.
The patching on the eye is something else. Poor baby. She hates it. She falls over when she crawls (not always) and last week she fell over from standing. She gets really whiney and for the most part is always trying to get the patch off. We are switching between a sticky patch and the one that has the strap. She has a little irritation on her skin, that's why we're doing that. I'm not sure we will be taking pics of her in the patch. It's just not pleasant for her. Daddy puts it on in the morning before breakfast and the last two days she won't even look up at us. She just looks down at the high chair. Her head tilt is also back. I'm sure she's trying to compensate for the bad eye.
I sure hope the patching is working and that she's not going thru all this for nothing.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Simple things (and hugs for The Daleys)

It's the simple things that we are so grateful for. Brinson finally put a cup inside of another cup for the second time in the past few days. When I think of this time last year, we were worried she was going to die. Now we are all giddy over cup stacking...She is just such a miracle.

She saw Dr. Reid today and actually lost a couple of ounces. Dr. Reid isn't too concerned because at least B's showing interest in eating. We go back in one month just for a weight check and then in 2 months to see her again. Nothing was changed at this visit. (good)

Also, please keep the Daley family in your thoughts and prayers. Sara and Maggie aka Peanut Face :) are going thru alot of issues with feeding/reflux/ng tube/gtube etc. Sara has reached complete saturation and really needs the extra prayers. What we have gone thru with Brinson in that regard doesn't even begin to touch what they are dealing with. She's become a good friend. Sara, I'm sending tons of good thoughts and hugs your way. "Hopefully" that will help a little. *hugs*

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Geez...I wore them both out...

Man, who knew eyeglass shopping was so exhausting?

Then Daddy had to go make a pitstop....



Gone~ lol
(She ended up all the way down to the chair) You can see the bruise on her arm from the labdraws the other day. :(

Eyewear Fashionista!

We took a trip to the optical shop this afternoon to order B's new frames. We decided to have her old lenses replaced and tinted so she'll have some sort of sunglasses. The clip ons I bought for her
She is quite the fashionista, however, most of the frames were too big. :( I think most of the pics are a litttle blurry thanks to a low battery but we still had alot of fun and she was a great sport about it. Should have the new ones by early next week. Which ones did we pick?? You'll just have to read on and see. :D

Aloha! (Mommy's fave)(too big)

Colorful Harriet Potter (too big)

Blue-green anyone? (too big)

"Anyone seen Brinson?!?" (gotta love the camouflage)(gigantic!)

Pure Princess! (tooo big) (Mommy's second favorite pick)

Groovy chick (lol too big)

Major stylin' (stillll too big)

These last two shots are of the ones we picked for her. (Finally, one that fits!)

"Ok, I guess I can live with these Mommy..."

Monday, June 22, 2009

A-walkin with Dada

Have table, will travel!

Brinson's newest trick!! (Note the whining at the

Eye update

Brinson went and saw Dr. Coats today for her 6 month follow-up eye exam. While her actual Rx hasn't changed her...wait for it...big word....AMBLOYPIA (scary word huh?) is still there. That' s just a nice big medical term for lazy eye. We have to patch her good eye (rt eye) for 2 hrs daily (oooooh fun fun here we go!) and then go back the end of August to see him again. Her head tilting that she's had could be caused from this so we are hoping the patching will help. He did say that surgery might be an option but wouldn't make any decisions on that until she's older (if the patching doesnt work obviously).
Brinson's NICU mate Noah had the surgery and looks like they had some success. I don't think for Brinson however that she will be able to get rid of the glasses, she will have them forever. So now the fun part....going to the eye shop in the next week or so to pick out new frames for her!! There should be lots more choices now that she's bigger. The frames she has now are a bit small and the lenses have so many teeth marks I am sure it's hard for her to see.
She sees the GI doc on Weds so I am sure there will be more updates! Hope everyone had a good Father's Day.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy's Day!

We went out to lunch at a cuban restaurant today with Uncle Mike, Aunt KD and Abuelo. Daddy got some shorts from me and a bathing suit from Brinson. We are going to attempt dinner with Grandfather and Grandma possibly tonight.
She's been a little cranky, grouchy, whiney and irritated today so the attempts at getting good pictures has been futile. Mix the attitude with some good Texas 100 degree weather and fierce teething, and you get one very UNHAPPY baby lol.
I think Daddy still had a good day. I know Ned's as lucky to have Brinson as she is to have him as her Daddy. I love them both beyond words.