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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Water, Sand, Sun....Must be the BEACH!

Last weekend Meme, Mommy, Brinson and Daddy headed to Galveston for a little fun in the sun.

Kissy Kissy!!!
Little snack...ummm!!!
All this work on the beach makes me hungry
Mommy and Brinson catching some rays!

Brinson just loves the sand!

I have to put it in my mouth to be sure it is good! UMMM Sand!!!

Still teething...yummm...good bucket!

Stewart Beach already at capacity by mid morning
Meme and Brinson
Playing with Daddy, first exposure to beach fun and sun!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Downtown Aquarium

We met up with Heather and some of her friends at the Downtown Aquarium

Brinson hamming it up with Heather and an orange!

Just before we bought tickets to all the festivities outside the Downtown Aquarium

Waiting in line for shark voyage (train), whew it was hot! Hi Jessica!

Shark Voyage!

There is the ferris wheel

Lubing up Brinson with suntan lotion


Brinsons first zoo visit! I think she watched people more than the animals.

Beautiful day.....just so HOT!!!

Look at the monkey

We heard Johnathan the lion from across the park

2 leopards playing, well at least one thought they were playing

Meme and Brinson waiting for the Elephant Bath....that never transpired.

Even the wildlife was hot!

This cheetah squeeked like a domestic cat....pretty funny!

Merkats are always digging looking for food.

Mommy and Brinson headed around the park

Abuelo and Brinson in the petting zoo. She was so curious about the goats.

Who is more excited?

Brinson just loved the carousel

Brinson and Abuelo captured headed out of the zoo

Sunday, June 14, 2009

BUSY weekend!!

This weekend we were hoppin! Friday, daddy took the day off and Brinson, Meme, Abuelo, Daddy and myself went to the Zoo. Brinson had a good time. I think she enjoyed the people more than the animals. She got to ride on her first carousel and she really made me laugh. She was so excited! It was ungodly hot too.
On Saturday, we went to the Aquarium downtown. We met up with Heather, one of our oldest friends (not in age lol), who was in town visiting from Philly. She used to be a Houstonian till last year when a job transfer moved her. It was her first time to see Brinson in person and to be able to hold her. She flew in from Mexico to support us the day after Brinson was born. Meme, Daddy and I took Brinson on the train ride and then on the Ferris wheel. She's such a trooper. We all got a little overheated so unfortunately weren't able to make it to their carousel.
Then, today we went down to Galveston to show B the beach. We ended up just going to Stewart beach since most of the pocket parks are still closed since the hurricane last year. It was quiet when we got there in the morning, and was a zoo by mid afternoon. Meme, Ned and I are all sunburned. Thank God Brinson isn't. She loved playin in the ocean with Daddy. She ate sand while playing with me. She even managed to squeeze in a nap. We will be posting pics sometime this soon as we recuperate lol. Meme leaves Tuesday night (Lord, help me). We will sure miss her. Not only for all her help, I love having her here.
On a medical note, we got a call late last week from the Endocrine dept. Apparently, her pelvic ultrasound which we were told was normal, was "reread" and her uterus is larger than it should be. So we are taking her tomorrow for some more testing...its called a GNRH stimulation test and involves an injection followed by labwork 3 hrs later. We will post results as we get them. We were not happy to say the least....Brinson saw her pediatrician on Friday and I voiced my anger to her (even though it wasnt her fault). Made me feel better! B got her 15 month shots and screamed the loudest I have ever heard. She's definitely getting older. And attituuuuuuuuuuuuude....oooooh boy. The glare she gave the nurse after the shots I swear was going to burn a hole right thru her.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.