Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Lisa called me at work this afternoon and immediately says sshhh....just listen. The reason for the ssshhing is Brinson clams up if she hears our voices over the phone.

As I listened for the first time my daughter is putting together discernible syllables I realized how lucky I am to get to see her grow up. It is truly amazing. Thanks Lisa for recording the moment.

Brinson spouting her first word - January 8th

Brinson's first sound - May 11th

More belly laughing

While Meme is trying to discourage Brinson from eating a leaf she starts to laugh up a storm.

Pony Riding

Grandfather and Grandma got Brinson a pony for Christmas.

Holding my bottle

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still working on feeding

This is probably the hardest thing for us to overcome. Brinson just does not want to eat.

Well we did find out she does like carrots......she eats them....not sure if she really likes them.

She pretty much will not take the bottle anymore.

And now the only way to get to eat is via the sippe cup and spoon. And you can see from the picture it takes quite a bit of re-spooning for her to get something down.

The biggest problem is getting her to be interested in eating. Brinson seems to be to lazy or bored, either way it is very difficult and tiresome and sometimes frustrating. For instance her weight gain is at a standstill....we go up a few and then down a few. She is hovering around 15lbs.

So because of this, the tube is still in. She will not take enough on her own to remove the tube. And it is a catch 22. If you feed her by the tube she gets the right amount but then does not wan t to eat on her you see the frustration.