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Saturday, March 15, 2008

New bunk mates and new hat

Yesterday Brinson got a few new bunk mates. 1 for her first Easter and 1 from the Baldwin family. Thanks guys!

Lisa called at 12 midnight after returning home and Brinson has only peed just a tiny bit....barely measurable. So we need more Pee Prayers......big pee....not little pee.

Besides the pee, everything else is going fine....she is stable, but still critical. Since yesterday she is 1 to 1 with a nurse.

Oh yeah, over the last few days Brin has a gotten a few new hats. In celebration of easter this weekend, she has her bunny hat on. Don't be alarmed with how she looks....she is puffy from all the fluids. But she is still her same wiggly self.

Take at look at my thumb against her foot. Even with all the fluids and 10 days behind her, she is still small. Life is Amazing!

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Mommy said...

My little baby girl is such a fighter! After all the talks we had yesterday about pee, I KNOW she is trying. She reacts to our voices by moving her hands and feet and by wiggling her body a bit. I told her yesterday how much we need her here and how hard she needs to fight...not only for herself, but for all of us and for Cooper. Thanks so much to Stephen and Kim for the precious moment prayer baby. Zachary has a matching one in his isolette as well (blue of course). I play it for her several times a day. Please keep all your prayers and pee thoughts coming....think WATERFALLS, MOUNTAIN STREAMS! She just has to pee...losing her is not an option for me. *hugs to you all*