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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festival of Lights 2010

Another yearly tradition we have is a "Ladies Night Out". Kit suprises all of us with an outing/dinner. This year Brinson got to join us. We went to the Festival of Lights and Imagine Christmas Show dinner at Moody Gardens in Galveston.
Man, oh man, was it cold near the water! The breeze off the bay was so colllllllllllld.....we bundled Brinson up! She looked like a little eskimo.
After we did the light show, we had an awesome dinner and then a musical christmas show. One of the acts was a kite flying spectacle. One of the flyers looked familar to me. For those of you who watched America's Got Talent last season, you'll know who Connor Doran is. He was there flying his kite. It was beautiful.
Brinson had a total blast. She sang and danced. It was alot of fun! Thanks Nana!


Eskimo Brinson

Aunt Kd, Nana, and Brinson

Only in Texas...Santa on an inner


The view across the Bay


Kissy fishies

I tried to get a pic of Brinson with Sponge Bob, but she was having none of it.


In front of a gingerbread house

Lights everywhere!

Unfortunately I only managed one picture inside at the dinner/show. It didn't come out so I only have the light show.

Elf Bake Shop party

This past Thursday was Brinson's Xmas party at school. The parents had to wait patiently outside the classroom until our little elves came to get us. They had cute little aprons they had made along with baker chef's hats!!!
We made cookie recipe jars, ate pizza, and got to watch them sing Jingle Bells and I'm a little Snowman. She's doing better at school, just in time for a 2 week break lol.
When we got back after Thanksgiving break, we had to "reprogram" her. I had to pick her up early a few times because the teacher told me she just wouldn't stop crying. :( We had finally made it ALL day, BOTH days this past week. She loves the teachers and they adore her too.
Putting her in this classroom was one of the best things we've ever done for her. She is so much more social and verbal now.
One of the father's came up to me at the party and told me how precious Brinson was. He then told me how his daughter talks about her all the time at home. I think this is the same lil girl who says "Brinson, Brinson, Brinson, Brinson" when she comes to class. Soooooo cute! I'm seeing future playdates here!

They even covered the class

Look at our precious lil elf!

The room was decorated so sweet!

Holiday cookie jar station

Examining the table decorations

Looking at her ornament she made

Doing stickers with Daddy

The class tree!

Mrs. Campbell, one of her teachers

Mommy helping Brinson make the holiday cookie jar

Love this picture

Kiddos getting ready to sing, that's Brinson bending over

Brinson's in the striped pants, that's her little buddy in the foreground

First recital

After going to see snow earlier in the day, Brinson had her first "dance recital". They sang and danced to a funkified version of Itsy Bitsy Spider. It was just awesome to see her, and it made me realize how much and how fast she's growing up. All of the family made it, with the exception of Uncle Mike who was out of the country on a business trip.
In typical Brinson fashion, when the song was over, she stood on the stage saying "More!" and doing the sign for it. Too funny!

She's behind the teacher, not sure if you can see her.

There she is on the right, they crawled out on stage at the beginning.

There she is at the end of the show, wanting "More!"

Friday, December 17, 2010


Last weekend we headed out to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital where Nana works. They were having a winter party complete with snow! We tried to get more pictures with Santa, but B didn't want any part of that. She was pretty tired so our visit was short. She had alotta fun and so did we!

Teaching her how to throw

Brrrr, that's cold

"Don't eat the yellow snow!!"

They had cute decorations

Riding the train with Abuelo

That's as close to Santa as we got

Riding the train with Nana

Christmas on the Farm 2010

Christmas on the Farm is quickly becoming a yearly tradition for us and the TBFC! Brinson got to see Santa and have her picture taken with him. There were no tears this year! I just mailed out the Xmas cards yesterday.
After pictures we went out to lunch with the Bookers and friends. It was really great to see everyone.

Before leaving the house.

Cutie pie!

Writing her letter to Santa.

Candy cane!

Cuddling with Dy


Showing Kristi her candy cane

I looove this face!

More letter writing.....her list is big this year lol :P

Wearing Valerie's sunglasses

With Daddy

Posing.....such a cutie pie

"Ta-dahhhh" with Katelyn

Playing in the corn

The ornament her and I made (that's her handprint)

Playin around

Singin to music on Valerie's phone