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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Here are some shots of Brinson doing her ISR training with Shauna. It's a little difficult to tell what she's doing, except for the floating shots lol. We thought we might be done this week, but had a little setback with her reflux.

Look at that grin

Mom what are you doing there?

More from NICU reunion

Here are some random pics from the NICU reunion. We had a great time! Brinson loved shopping in the "HEB" store as well as playing in the toddler room. Once we got upstairs, we never left lol. We met the Baldwins for dinner before the reunion at Southwells, which was one of our regularly visited restaurants when the kids were in the NICU. It was really cool being able to go there WITH the kiddos!
I was a little disappointed that alot of the nurses and docs that treated B were not at the reunion. We did get to see Cheryl, who was B's eye nurse. I didn't get to take a pic of them, it was so busy. It was great to get to chat with her a little bit!

Noah Rahman and his mom Laura

This is the only pic I got of B and Z together!

Zachary comin down the stairs

In the back of a pickup

Playin with Daddy

The giant Lite Brite

Say hi to Kim!

Goin down the slide, she couldn't get enough!

Shopping at the HEB

Will that be paper or plastic?

Beep Beep

Hey! Where you goin?!

Dinner at Southwells

Interesting story here...see below pic for more...

When we went upstairs to the toddler room, as soon as we went inside Brinson made a bee line for this little car. She was lookin at the little boy, she sat in the car etc. Most of the parents put their kids nametag on the back of their shirt so they wouldn't pull them off. When this little boy turned around I saw his name....Cooper.

More blogs and pics coming soon!

I just got a new Mac which I am still learning to operate. For those of you who keep asking me when we're gonna post, I promise it will be soon. I have lots of videos also. Brinson is saying 3 word sentences and it's so awesome. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted some banana...her reply was "Mama, please, banana" . She also says "Mama(Dada), teetee (TV), please". And yesterday her new word...."No" and mind you, it's not just one's "no,no,no,no,no" She's so much fun!
Dance class is going well, she sings with Miss Sarah and interacts with the other kids. ISR is going well too. Shauna told me we should be able to take a few quick videos sometime this week. Per ISR rules, we can't post them here, but will be doing them on the Flip.

We went to a general meeting with the School district last night. We obtained tons of information for the transition in March. For those of you who don't know, ECI stops seeing Brinson on her 3rd birthday. Any therapy she needs after will be either handled by the school district (free) or by a private therapist ($$$). This is assuming if she even qualifies for any therapy. Cindy seems to think by March she may possibly not need anything further.
We are still trying to wean off the Prevacid. She's down to 1/2 tsp daily. We tried over the weekend to take her completely off, but we weren't able. She had alot of belching, burping, farting etc. Nana said she also vomited a little bit on Sunday night. So last night I started her back on the med.

She goes back to the dentist next week. I'm happy to report that we are brushing twice daily. Okay let me rephrase that...MOM is brushing BRINSON'S teeth....I need to get her to help more!