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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, June 25, 2011


We just got back yesterday after 7 blissful days in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was our first
"family" vacation and the first vacation period in over 4 years. We stayed at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort which had a Waterpark which we took advantage of everyday.
Everything went well, it's just a flogging traveling with a child. Meme went with us too and we all had alot of fun. The Jamaicans are so very friendly and I don't think I saw a frown the entire time we were there.
Brinson had gotten sick right before vacation with her tonsils/ears. The flight went fine, however we did end up taking her to the doc after our first night there. They gave her some serious cough meds and she was much better quickly.
Of course we took a ton of pics, and I'm sure Ned will be posting the ones he took fairly soon. My videos will come a bit later, I need to lighten them up. They were taken at night when B was dancing!
Can't wait to see where we go next year!!!

**We had to drop Meme off at the airport this morning to go back to Indiana. It was especially hard for me because she has been here for a long time, and it's always hard to see her leave.

On a sad note, 4 days before we left for vacation we had to put down our 14 year old cat Jade. I'm just glad I got to be with her, and she didn't die while we were gone. She was the first cat Ned and I got back in 1997. So as if I didn't need this vacation bad enough....

Finally made it to Jamaica yay!

View from our room

Mango tree just out of reach from our deck...damn!

Another view from the balcony

Outdoor lounging

Beautiful lights (note Ned and B walking)

Pool and courtyard

Almost to the beach.....Ned and B were hurrying

Seaside Grill


More ocean views

Eating we were hot..and starving

Ned and B

Testing out the water

Therrre's Meme

Someone who had mad skills had done these earlier in the day

View of hotel from their dock

Squint and you can see Ned, B and Meme

Having so much fun

In the pool with Meme

Waterpark and Lazy River

Relaxing on those inner tubes were great. There was a huge slide there, Ned took all those pics.

Great current too! You really moved!

Our Waterpark cabana

Back to the beach

Center of photo farrrrrr away in distance...Ned returning from diving

One of the beach cabanas we rented

Those guys running the sailboats were crazy, mon!

Our sweet and very special friend Tricia! She took such good care of us and pampered us beyond belief. Respect, mon! Love ya girl

This is "Swiper". Brinson kept calling out to him when we were in the cabana. LOL!

Little friend

This is Julian and his band. They played every night we were there. Wait till you see all the pics of Brinson dancing! She loooooved the music and we had to tear her away every night.

Sittin and dancin with Meme

One night they had a magic show for the kids

Silly magician and his "victim" lol

Flower child

My island girl

On one of Ned's dives, they speared a Lionfish and the chef cooked it up for lunch

Even Brinson liked it

Just chillin

Utterly pooped

Local flora

Tile inlays at the entrance to the spa

More inlays

Something was always going on

More flora

What you don't see is right after this pic was taken, our lovely child knocked over two of those HUGE It was an I Love Lucy moment for sure.

At Luna di Mare restaurant

B was ill that night (think it was her meds)

Spoon girl!

Loving the hibiscus

Yummm Smells good Mommy

Island gerl fer sure!

Sailboats and a big tube/raft/thingie...was like a trampoline on water

More sailboats

There were 30 mph winds on this day and the sailing dudes were rockin it. He's sideways!

Closer view

More sailin pics...i just loved watchin those guys

Cabana by the ocean

So peaceful

Ned and B going back to the room

Front of hotel

Mammoth coconut palms!!!

Another huge palm

Those apparently are "palm seeds" (no pun intended)

The brown blob in the center is a huge ants nest waaaaaaay up in the tree.


Meme and B with one of the hotel employees (Meme kept telling B the guy was a policeman and she better behave)

Shops at the airport

Lovin da Marley mon!

That place had awesome clothes for kids

Yeah, I'd say Brinson had a great vacation!!!!!!