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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 15, 2008

We have more PEE!

Brinson had some more pee.....16cc to be exact. Excellent progress. Thanks to all the Pee dancers.

We just missed the ultrasound of her kidneys...but since she is peeing they cannot be completely lacking of blood flow.

We expect the results later today.

If Brin continues to pee then her puffy self will go back to normal.

thanks again..more later.


KD said...

Yay! - Doing a little happy-pee-dance over here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Am hoping I've figured this Blog writing thing out. Have been keeping up Brin's blog since birth..I to am doing the pee dance. I'm praying for ya'll to have the strength to keep up the good work. JoAnne

Anonymous said...

Hi Again, I have an Xray tech friend, Sammie, who works there every weekend taking "pic's" of the babies. She tells me everyone there loves the babies as much as the real families do. Love and prayers are coming from everywhere. Loved the Easter bonnet! JoAnne

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brinson! I've never in my life been so happy to hear about wet diapers. We'll remind Mommy about this in a few years when its time for potty-training.
-Megan (L&D)
(I think I'm officially addicted to this website!)