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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ears and Eyes, Oh My!

We took B to see the eye doc, Dr. Coats, today. We had to make the trek into the med center so we wouldn't have to wait till Monday to see him out here in Cy Fair. (That was recommended by the nurse). One of her eyes has been very red, and she's been rubbing both alot. Also very uncharacteristically taking her glasses off quite often. The good news was that all is well. While there is some mild irritation, there is no infection. On her right eye the suture is visible, hence the irritation. He said that will go away with time. He did tell us that if it really starts bothering her to let him know and he can possibly call in some medication for her. We really like him, he's a cool guy.
While we were in the CCC building, the ENT office happened to be in the same area as Optho. We stopped by Dr. O's office considering I have not been able to get a return phone call. They were very pleasant and based on the info from B's latest ear trouble, we have scheduled ear surgery for her on June 4. They will be placing tubes to help keep her ears drained. I'm hoping this will rectify the ear infection issue. We shall see!
The speech therapist came today and Brinson is doing better. She is now starting to walk more independently without coaxing, and therefore Cindy says her speech will "quiet down" for about 2 months. Apparently when children are learning major things such as walking and talking, they focus on only one at a time (makes perfect sense to me). She's babbling up a storm, so this will be interesting to see. Also, I'm thinking that the fluid in her ears is affecting her speech and equilibrium. I'm very anxious to see if any of that changes after surgery.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Breakfast

The family got together twice this past weekend. Once to celebrate KD's new job and once for a nice fancy Mother's Day breakfast (great eggs Grampa!) Here are some photos from the later. Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Couple of videos from today

Since we haven't posted any pics of B recently, I caught some videos today. Note how long her hair is getting, it may be time for a "bang haircut" soon.

Helping clean


The Mother of all weeks

Wow. It's been a rough couple of weeks. At least it all ended on a good note. Mother's Day. I am so blessed to be able to celebrate that holiday.
Ok, so as you know, B had been sick. She ended up going back to the doc for a second visit due to her temp peaking at almost 104. That was prob the closest we've ever come to going to the ER. So, in the middle of her illness, I wake up at 4am with horrible, and I mean horrible, stomach cramps etc. I'll spare you the rest of the details. I was just worn out. Poor Ned, he is such an awesome husband. He was trying to fix the.....ohhhh...I forgot to tell the middle of all THAT, our water tank flooded the game room. It appears to have had a hole in it. So in the middle of all that mess Ned was taking care of B and the tank. I couldn't even be near food, it made me gag. On Thurs Nana came and took B for the day so I could rest to get better.
Ok, so back to the water flooded the gameroom not once but twice. After we got the new one installed, we had been dealing with leaking pipes. So Ned would have to turn off the water, fix the pipe, turn back on the water, watch for leaks, and repeat. We finally had water after about 2 days so I rushed to take a shower. In the middle of the shower, the water starts trickling. It gets less...and less...and no water. So I wait. I'm covered in soap, got conditioner in my hair, and waiting for water. Then Ned and Brinson come into the bathroom, soaked. Apparently one of the fittings blew and flooded the game room worse than the first time and since B was sitting closest, got the brunt of it. I had to go over to Grammy and Grandfather's to rinse off.
Where am I now? Ah yes, so after all is said and done we THINK that the leaking for the most part has stopped. We had a great and very busy day yesterday. We had breakfast at Nana's, then drove to Katy to go to a store, then out to Grandfather's property to check out the progress of the coop and to pick dewberries. His chicks are in, and they are finishing up the coop. It's looking great.
I didn't take one pic yesterday but Ned did. In his infinite spare time he'll be posting them.
My week started horrendous but ended last night with me eating dewberries and ice cream for dinner. :P