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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Mommy and Brinson

UPDATE: Brinson is doing well on her feeds. As of last night she was on 11.4cc per hour. She is about 2/3 of full feeds...which is great. And she finally gained some weight....6lbs 4oz. The pulmonalologist is coming on Monday...until then nothing happens with her weening in other words.

Grandfather Visits

Right off the boat so to speak and holding Brinson as soon as he arrived. Apparently everything went well and he got to hold Brin for a good while.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

just more...

Look at the pretty colors

Is that a monkey or a parrot....oh who cares...ahhh!!!

I am just so excited about my clothes, the mobile.....mommy.....daddy....just...just everything

I love the pretty animals and the music is so soothing...

More from Great day for holding!

Look at the think they are helping????

Just Love, nothing more nothing less.

If the prongs are away from her nose she is relaxed.....if the prongs are in her nose she is pissed.

Listening to all that sucking!!!!

Great day for holding!

Both Mommy and Daddy held Brinson for several hours each. It was very nice to hold.

The whole CPAP thing is very funny. Most of the time it is not even in her nose. She is barely getting the nitric and oxygen. You will see in the photos and videos below.

Pulmonary is coming for a consult today or tomorrow to determine if she needs nitric or liquid viagra or anything so we can move the cannulas.

Hey there is Auntie Tiffani and Brinson

Self portrait of Mommy and Daughter



Faces of Brin

Brinson has a number of faces while she is sleeping. Here are just a few.




Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Holding my own pacifier

This is probably a fluke, but it is still pretty cool.

All good things

Brinson is doing very well and is tolerating her increased feeds of 6.8cc per hour. She is on 22 percent oxygen this morning...yah! She had an ultrasound at 2am to check for stones and such. We don't have the results as of yet.

I love watching Mother and daughter connect with each other. It is so neat.

When she is out, she is out. It does not matter if the pacifier is half way out.

Stop, I am sleeping. It is funny because the hands are always out there

Hiccups from 2 nights ago....videos would not upload yesterday for some reason.

Brinson is talking with her hands...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Blue or Brown decide?

I know it is too early to tell, but it does not keep me from trying.

It looks like, light brown in the center with a dark blue ring on the outside.

What do you think Brinson's eye color will be?

Up again on feeds

We are now at 6.8cc per hour on the feeds. They are cutting back on the IV stuff. She gets about 3/5 from IV and 2/5 from neocate. So that is about 160cc a from neocate, when is she about 405cc or 16.9 cc per hour if my math is accurate. Now that all changes when she goes to up in weight.

Here are some videos and pictures from yesterday.

Mommy, hold it right here. Yeah right, I can suck the rubber off now. Tanks!

Mommy put up a feather boa, but we had to take it down. Too many particles and all the babies are on respirators. Not good. But a neat idea.

Brinson slept most of time while I held her yesterday. Part of time, I was playing what I like to call "nasal cowboy." That is where I try to keep the CPAP in her nose while Brin wrestles around.

Mommy, I am sleepy.

What a smile Daddy has, even Brin is wide-eyed about it.

Hi Daddy!

Look at all the pretty colors....

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Late night....but a good thing

Last night we all had to wait till about 930pm as several babies were having emergency surgery. Hopefully everything went ok. As we were waiting (outside the door of NICU) we got an opportunity to meet new people and share stories about our baby.

After getting in 3 grandparents (Grampa, Nana and Abuelo) got to see Brinson before and after bath time, which is a real treat these days. Bathtime is only every 2 or 3 days.

Last night Brinson was practicing a new trick....trying to roll over which Nana and Mommy got to see first.

Here is my central line scar...ouchy!

I am wide awake, but really I am very sleepy.....hard to tell with my eyes so wide open.

All dressed and ready for bed, Daddy is tucking me in for the night.

Brinson is doing quiet well. We are ramping up on feeds slowly and lowering nitric until Tuesday. Then they will check and make sure everything is ok before we attempt the cannulas.