Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Movie Fun!

I was having a bit of fun with the new camera and decided to join a few pictures together into a movie.


BTW I had fun shooting and editing this short movie.

New Hat

Look at her new hat. She looks like a chef in that hat.

Here Brinson is sleeping in Daddy's arms.

Looking at Daddy

Yesterday Brinson got flipped over and we were looking at the back of her head. Not very exciting....but her eyes are open. So what is she looking at. So I decided to look around back to see what she was looking at.

Well I would like to think she was looking at me.....see what you think.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Brinson working on the lungs

She was really working hard yesterday trying to get used to all the changes. They also increased her rate from 7.8mls to 8.2mls.

It is a balance they want her to get stronger and bigger which means more food/nutrition/calories. But can the gut handle it or are we making her too wet.

It is a complicated problem and only Brinson's body can tells us the solution.

Brin is still doing well, but she was more aggravated yesterday, probably due to the vent change and the food increase. Today they are lowering her rate again from 32 to 30.

Here are a few shots of her sleeping....which is pretty much all she did yesterday. Just like girl, a new hat for every activity. One for in the house and one for outside. :>

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Practice makes perfect!

The movie is so funny because she is sucking so hard. Lisa said she did this a lot while holding yesterday. I guess practice makes perfect.

Yesterday they decided they were going to try to start weening Brinson more aggressively off the vent. So last night they made a rate change on the vent from 35bpm to 32bpm. As long as she tolerates and her blood gases are pretty good they will continue to ween. This morning she is at 32% O2....which is good.

Also they started Brin on another diuretic because her lungs continue to be hazy.

They also are working her up for cor pulmuonale. She does not have symptoms, but it is standard procedure for a baby who has been on oxygen for 2 months.

Over all things are going well. She is growing and her lungs are stable.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost 3lbs....but not quite

Well Brinson is tipping the scales at 2lbs 14.4 oz. Wow she is getting big. YeeeHAW!!!!

The nurse already had her bathed and weighed by the time we got back from dinner. Oh yeah we had dinner with Aubrey's parents (Jimmy and Jessica). Funny guys....

Extra prayers for Zachary this week. He is going over to TCH for a heart cath.

<- Here is Mommy watching over Brin.

Here is Brinson doing some of her famous moves. Face Plant and Thumbs up......simultaneously.

Daddy holds but Brinson gets cold.....

Yesterday evening I got to hold Brinson, but somehow she got cold. Bummer.

Look for the wave!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eyes open!!!

What a cutie pie. BTW her 2nd eye test was normal. Still no ROP. Yeah!!! and one less thing to worry about this week.

They are keeping her fluids the same. So the same rate of 7.8mls per hour and on continuous feeds, but they increased her calories from 24 to 26 (or less than 7 M&M's).

The reason for keeping the fluids the same is to help the lungs be less wet.

Wednesday night she gets weighed I believe she will be very close to 3lbs....probably 2lbs 14 or 15oz.

Thanks Auntie KD and friends!

I just wanted to give a big hug, kiss and thank you to Brinson's Auntie KD and all her friends who did the March of Dimes walk this past weekend. She told me how amazed and touched she was at all the people she saw from The Women's Hospital (where Brinson is).

Ned and I are so grateful to everyone who is taking this journey with all of us. And when I saw this picture of the teeshirts that KD's friend made for their walk, I cried. We are so sad that we will never get to watch Cooper grow up. Most of the focus is, of course, on Brinson at this time. However, he will always be our little boy and Brinson's Angel. We can't wait until she is old enough to hear the story of her courageous big brother. He also will have his place in her nursery with her.

Much love to all of you for everything you do and have done for our family. We are forever grateful.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Thanks to my Cousins

Thanks Kathy and Jennifer. The bracelet is beautiful.

Big Thanks to Katelyn and Cody

Katelyn and Cody are so sweet. They saved their report card money and were kind enough to buy a gift for our Brinson. The gift is a beautiful Princess Bible.

It will be awhile before she will get to open it herself. As you can see from the photo, it is almost as big as she is.

Thanks again Katelyn and Cody, that was a really awesome thing you did.

After bath

Tonight Brinson was weighed and measured. Drum Roll please.......

Weight: 2lbs 11.9oz (only 0.1 oz off Mommy and Daddy's guess)
Length: 15 3/4" (3/4" increase in one week)

I was lucky enough to give my pretty daughter a bath tonight. She was not too happy with me until afterwards. She lasted about 15 minutes and then out like a light.

Brinson Loves Mommy!!!

Lisa was able to hold Brinson for over an hour today. She did pretty well. By the end of holding she was sound asleep. And when she was moved back to the isolette.....she remained asleep.

Brinson loves Mommy.

BTW, Auntie Tiffani had a surprise for us this afternoon. They lowered the PEEP on the respirator. The PEEP has something to do with the amount of air pressure. Needing less pressure is a good thing. Tomorrow she has a blood gas to determine how well she is doing on the respirator. Keep your fingers crossed.


I was able to get a few shots, but it ended quite quickly.

Bald spot

You can't see my bald spot......

She has a cute bald spot on the back of her head. Brinson likes to cover it....for some reason.

I guess she will need to wear a cap like her Daddy!

More Pictures of holding yesterday

Over the last few days we did not hold Brinson.....until yesterday. It was very nice to get her back in our arms. She did pretty well. Her O2 is anywhere from 28-36%. She will get labs today (Sunday) to see how well she is doing (CO2, PH...etc)

She also gets weighed and measured tonight. Mommy and Daddy guess is she will be 2lbs 12oz or 3 oz heavier.

Her skin continues to peel. Look at those crusty eyebrows.

Here is Mommy stroking Brinson's little head.