Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"All the single ladies"

It seems Brinson is a Beyonce fan. What was really funny I actually missed on video. She was bouncing up and down and shakin her booty but by the time I got the camera she stopped. It's still cute to see her watch it. She had been walking by the tv when the video came on...and then stopped.

Sharing with her dollie

More photos from Brinson's 2nd

Quite often I don't get a chance to post photos as fast as I would like. So, here are some shots from the weekend of Brinson's 2nd Birthday Party!

Enjoying her Princess Lawn Chair from Meme!
Abuelo and Aunt KD
Zachary and Kim
Uncle Mike and Aunt KD hanging out with Brinson
Lydia and Wes. If you remember us talking about that child the NICU in the next pod over always being loud.....well that was Lydia. Now she is a beautiful behaved child....well at the party she was. ;)
Brinson is lucky enough to have Dava come out weekly to help here catch up from being a preemie and 6months in the NICU. Here is Dava's child, Sadie enjoying the playset (Thanks to family)
Sydny and Sadie (Dava's kids)
Z-man enjoying the swing
We had such a beautiful day and because of helped spread people out in and out of the house. Thank goodness because 20+ people plus their kids in our house would have been crowded. The playset was a success!!! (Thanks to Uncle Mike and Abuelo)
Harry and Lucy hangin' out on the swing!
Brinson with Brooke (nurse from the NICU)
Brinson and Lydia doing a little bonding.
Cake time with Mommy
Matt with his son Levi
Nana and Grampa
TBFC - Kristi, Katelyn and Dy (McKenna....not pictured also came) watching the gifts to be opened
Mommy opening the gifts (look at the motorized bike below...Thanks Dy, Brinson loves it)
Joren (Arika's oldest) and Nichola holding her daughter Lucy
Playing with her grocery cart the next day!
Ummm....a little corn on the cob.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hell on Wheels!

Brinson loves her new pink "car" that she got from Dy at her birthday! Thank you!! She rides it inside. She rides it outside. She rides it in her pjs. She rides it in her clothes. She's alot of fun to watch. Now, if she can just figure out that forward/reverse button....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Update on Brinson

This week is a busy one for The Brinson. Yesterday we saw Dr. Rossell (her pedi) and while they have her weighed in at 21lbs 1oz (its up from their previous weight) her height is 32 1/2 inches. The dietician sees her on Thurs, so that's where we've been posting the numbers from. She's in the 25th percentile for height, and the 5th for weight and height/weight ratio. This is NOT corrected. Yay!
So all was well at the exam except for her recurrent ear infections. We are on a new antibiotic, and will be going to see an ENT. I have a feelin we may be looking at tubes in the ears. But there may be other options, not sure.
Today we saw Dr. Coats, the eye doc. The good news is that the patching worked and her eyes are improved. We don't have to patch her anymore...WOOOHOOOO!!! The not-so-good news is that her eyes are still crossing, so we are scheduled for surgery on April 21. They are doing surgery on the eye muscle itself to change the position in the socket. Sounds fun huh? *Cringes* It's a fairly simple surgery, and is done as an outpatient.
I have to go the dentist (again!) tomorrow, and Friday Brinson sees the developmental doc, Dr. Williamson. I am curious to see what he has to say. I'll post something over the weekend with the results.
On a sad note....after 3 months, my mom is leaving Saturday to go back to Indiana. :( She has been such a humongous help and has really spoiled me. She spends alot of time with B, and I am not looking forward to the aftermath of her leaving. We are planning to go to Indiana during the summer at some point. It's been great having her here to spend time and to have someone to buddy around with. I hate seeing her go. :*(