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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lots of visitors tonight

Elliot, Marion, Bert and Kit, plus us came to visit Brinson this evening. She has quite the fan club.

She is still doing well considering. Her oxygenation, bp, and heart rate seem to be holding steady.
They are still giving her fluids and blood to catch up from the surgery. She had not really peed much since this morning and everyone seemed quite concerned....then all of the sudden we got 7cc. Yeah we have some pee! Now this is not a lot, but it means things are sort of working.

We left tonight hoping for no phone calls. BTW it has now been just over 24 hours since the surgery.

Tomorrow is a big day, she gets a brain scan and we find out whether she has a bleed in her head or not. Bleeds by themselves are not always bad....but if the bleeding continues it can cause pressure on the brain and then you can have problems.

Thanks again everyone for awesome comments.

1 comment:

Meme said...

Have you heard of the fairy tale about the "Princess and the Pee"?
Or is that spelled "Pea"? That's our little princess.

Love you guys so much and I am obsessed in reading these blogs.