Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Superbowl photos

Brinson and Grampa, just hangin' out...

Hey Grampa watcha eatin' ?Heather (she passed on New Orleans Trip) and Brinson

Here is Nana smiling at good conversation

3 generations of Colts fans
Look at those smiles...

Buffeteven for Brinson
Watching the game!

Fun day for Brinson,
she was so entertained by football, family and friends.
(Uncle Mike pictured below)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Side note

Something I forgot to add in the last post..........................The dietician came yesterday and our lil B isn't so little anymore! If you haven't noticed the side bar, she now weighs in at 22lbs and is 32 inches long. We just jumped right over 21 lbs! In the last month, she gained 1lb 7 oz!! No idea what we are doing differently, I guess she's just eating more. Lord knows her activity level is thru the roof...we are still expecting her to walk independently any day now.
We were told whatever we were doing...keep doing it!

Superrrrrbowl Sunday

Yeah ok, so the Colts didn't win. Argh! If they were going to lose, at least they lost to a first time Superbowl team. We had a party here at the house. Of course, Ned has much better pics and I think he'll be posting his soon. We did teach Brinson TOUCHDOWN!...too bad we didn't have much use for it lol...

Brinson and Meme watchin the game

The cake lol..No I did NOT make it!


Look who came out from behind his camera!

Startin to do Touchdown!
Unfortunately, this storm petered out when it hit Miami.

Silly face

Monday, February 8, 2010

Zachary's 2nd Birthday

Zachary had his 2nd Birthday this past weekend (a few weeks early). It was a beautiful day and even though Zachary wasn't 100%.....he still seemed to have a wonderful day. We are so glad we got to share it with him. Happy Birthday Zachary!!!

Brinson trying to man-handle a wagon
She silently grunts with her mouth is hilarious!

3 generations watching the gifts

There is the big man! Number 2!!!!

Down the slide....even the Birthday boy!

Lots of kids of all ages enjoying Zachary's giant playset

Zachary's Cake....and yes it was all edible....except the animals.
Awesome cake Stephen!
Playin' with Zachary's toys!

We all gathered outside to open gifts. Well Mom open most of the gifts....

Brinson and Mommy watching...

Meme getting a hug in

More outside fun
Practicing to Walk