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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Talkin on the phone (and a lil update)

This is hilarious. I figured out later that it's much easier if I just unplug the phone. She is talking up a storm now. Matter of fact, just today, she said "cheese" and "pappy". Wooohoooo!

Also, she was released from the dietician! Not sure if I've already posted that or not. She weighed 24lbs 10oz and 34 3/4 in long. We are sad to see Trina go, but I know we will keep in touch with her! So now we still have Cindy, our speech pathologist. Brinson starts ISR class next week as well as dance class! I enrolled her in Broadway Babies and in December she'll actually have a recital!

A few days in Galveston

Mom, Brinson and I spent a few days in Galveston last week. Ned came and spent one night with us. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Sunspree, which, while the staff was absolutely awesome, the hotel and food were not. The hotel was a bit dirty (which you can't really tell in the pictures!) and the restaurant was closed for lunch and dinner the week we were there....ugh. We won't even talk about the breakfast lol.
We had a good time even though it was mostly cloudy the entire time. We did manage to get to the beach and the pool several times. The night Ned came down, we all ate at Fish Tales. Meme and Brinson were fine. Ned and I got food poisoning.....oh fun stuff!!!
I'm hoping our next trip to Galveston will be a little more fun for Meme. We just picked the wrong time to go! I'm putting my order in for sunshine for the next trip.

View from our room

Another view from the room

Yet another Note the clouds

Meme and Brinson at the pool

Capt Jack's bar (which was our pool bar)

From under the waterfall

Cutie pie!

Is that a pina colada???

Look at my big girl

She had my cover up and Meme's headband

The clouds cleared up for about an hour

We promised a certain someone we'd leave a msg in the sand!

Brinson eating goldfish with Meme

Look at my lil fashionista



A self portrait

The day we left...still clouds

Welcome Home Isa

Approx. 15 months ago our good friends Eric and Audra went to Mexico to adopt a beautiful little girl named Isabella. They had been traveling back and forth all that time. We all know things in Mexico aren't the The best part? One year ago to the exact day (August 19th) that we brought Brinson home from the NICU, they brought Isa home to Texas. They had a coming home party on the 28th and there were alot of family and friends who came to celebrate!!!

Welcome Home!

Good lookin family

Future BFFs