Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 23, 2008

One bodacious day!

Many visitors today including Auntie Tiffani, Grammy, Abuelo, Uncle Mike and Aunt KD.

Brinson did some pretty cool developmental things like swatting at her mobile and talking to us.

Today is also Mommy and Daddy's 11th wedding anniversary!!!

Auntie Tiffani with Brinson (hey where are the scubs? :>)

3 generations in one photograph

Mother and Daughter

Abuelo talking and singing to Brinson...

Brinson poking at her mobile

Uncle Mike with pumpkin!

Talking to Daddy!

Friday, August 22, 2008

2 days of sleeping through the night

After not sleeping the first night (well not very long), we all got much better sleep the next 2 nights. The main reason, Brinson slept through the night. Not one night but 2 nights in a row.

Today we had a big day.....why you ask? Well because we went out. Yes out. Whats the big deal?

To go out requires 3 systems (Oxygen, Feeding pump and Apnea alarm) to made portable, bring normal baby stuff and then of course get Brinson in the car (sort of new at all this). It turns out that it is not that bad even with all that extra stuff. Mommy was prepared with ostomy supplies and extra Neocate. Because I don't think we expected to be there till after 5pm. (roughly 5 hours out)

Our pediatrician is Dr. Rossell (nice lady and very quick to act) turns out Brinson has gained ~ 6oz since Tuesday....woowoo!. So the doctor is keeping everything the same. If it ain't broke don't fix it. She did see something "broken." Brinson has a tiny infection around her surgery site. The doctor (remember I said quick to act) calls Dr. Bloss (surgeon) and he agrees to look at it right now ( in 2 hours). So we go over to Women's hospital and wait.

Coincidently (*wink* *wink*) we ran into Sami and Laura (Noah's parents) and Auntie Tiffani while waiting.

After Dr. Bloss' inspection of the site (on the bench outside of the NICU). He agrees with Dr. Rossell and she is now on antibiotics. He was not really too worried about it. We will follow up next week hopefully when he is on our side of town. That guy really works hard and treats Brinson just like his own. He even gave her a little kiss on the forehead.

Is Brinson a flower? Watch out Anne Geddes!

Waiting for Dr. Rossell

Waiting for Dr. Bloss

Brinson is so excited about all the hub-bub! She catnapped all afternoon.

Can't forget about Mommy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Survived the first 24 hours

Well off to a long night with Brinson wide awake. She did catnap, but we think she was trying to acclimatize to all the bassinet, new bed, not being the in nicu, parents...etc

Between Mommy and Daddy, we got 7hours total sleep (in shifts). Brinson was very fussy, not crying, just not resting.

Around 430am during the storm, Daddy goes out for some Mylacon....for gassy Brinson to see if that would alleviate things..... No it did not.

Daddy and Brinson watching the olympics.

As soon as dawn arrived Mommy was getting all of Brinson's Medical appointments set. Also Homehealth nurse stopped by today and gave us some more tips on the ostomy bag.

Look at that happy baby!

And the catnapping begins

Now Mommy's turn!

Brinson's new bed

After staying awake all day, around 7pm tonight (while Daddy is making dinner) Brinson is finally sleeping...instead just catnapping. YEAH!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome Home!

Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt KD for pretty balloons!

Grampa trying to put some booties on!

Mommy and Nana making the first batch of milk at home!

Mommy checking in on Brinson after feeding...

Still leaving

Here is Dr Bloss and Dr. Minkes, Brinson's Surgeons, seeing us off at the curb. Thanks guys for the great care. We will see you soon (Dr. Bloss) for Brinson's final surgery. Good luck with your new job Dr. Minkes.

Brinson all loaded up in the new Brinson-mobile

Thanks Melinda!

Exit Party!

The staff at hospital gave us a little exit party with cake and ice cream too.

Alicia, Melinda(peeking between Mommy and Daddy), JJ, Dr. Jarriel, Amee, Katelyn (just came back from materity leave, congrats on your new one) and Sara.
(Rt to left). All you guys rock!

Alicia (front) and Amee (back). Two great nurse practitioners. Thanks for the awesome care.

Asleep through the whole process.

Dr Jarriel saying bye to Brinson. Thanks for the great care.

Umm icying!!!

Thanks Bruce for all your prayers

Hey Laura

The jungle is ready!

This is mommy posting...First off let me say something. WHOA...this day is finally here!!!
We finished her room this morning. I took some stills but decided the movie was the best. Enjoy!

On a side note: Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all the staff at Woman's Hospital for taking great care of our baby girl and boy. While today is a happy one, I will miss seeing my "favorite" people on a daily basis. I love you guys. Please keep in touch. We are always just a phone call or email away!

More "rooming in" photos

After nearly 6 months (Lisa in the hospital from Feb 25-March 9th, Cooper born on March 3rd and Brinson born on March 5th) Brinson is finally coming home. I can't tell you how excited we is nearly indescribable. The closest analogy is the most scary rollercoaster but afterwards you love it.....

The hospital staff has been so gracious and wonderful throughout. I don't know how they do it. It takes very special people to take care of these fragile and strong-willed multi-million dollar miracles. And how do they take listen to the parents complain, I will never know. Thanks guys for being so patient with us, sharing and being so made being there so much easier. And most of all thanks for taking wonderful care of "THE BRINSON"

I will post photos of today after she gets home, but I can tell you as I am writing there has been a lot of hustle bustle this morning to get things ready for Brinson.

BTW Brinson even got her first phone call this morning from Grandfather in Trinidad.

And big thanks to southwest security/mobility team at Cisco, Mommy and Brinson received flowers as I am typing this am.

Enjoy the photos from Sunday morning!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another friend of Brinson

Melinda is another excellent nurse that has been with Brinson since the very beginning. She also encouraged us to touch her (and the proper way) when she was so small. Thanks Melinda for all the great care.

Mommy in the am with Brinson

Rooming in (aka Parent Test)

Rooming in is definitely a preview. Brinson slept mostly till 4am, but considering she slept all day and last night that is pretty good. She must have been growing.

Watching the olympics with Daddy

Family Video

Watching the Olympics!

She feel asleep around 11pm and slept pretty much till 4am.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Carseat test checked off

Brinson passed the carseat test much like the bouncy seat. .... Asleep!