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Monday, March 10, 2008

Met Zachary and Parents

Right before we left this evening Lisa and I met Zachary across the way from us in the NICU. Stephen and Kim were really nice. They are going through pretty the same sort of stuff we are including a rough pregnancy....actually in some ways they made ours sounds like a cake walk. It is funny because we both have been eyeballing each other.....and so we finally meet.

Their son is further along and he looks great all filled in.....still small though like our Brinson.

It was a nice moment to talk with people in the same situation.

We are going to parent group on Wednesday, I am sure we will see them there.


The Baldwin Family said...

It was really great meeting you guys too! Little Brinson is just too adorable and we included her in our nightly prayers last night. We're so glad we "intruded" in your conversation last night so we could finally meet!
Kim & Stephen (Zachary's Folks)

Linda Inglett said...

This is so great, that you have met the Baldwin Family, Lisa and Ned.

This is so helpful for you both.
I hope you both can lean together on this, and trust me this will give you "Both" greater hope , knowing your not alone sweety.

God bless you both, and please give my regards to Kim & Stephen and they are in our prayers here.

God bless ya, all....Love ya from Ga your Aunt Linda.