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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rodeo Days 2011

Today was Rodeo Day at Brinson's school. The kids had fun. They played games like "putting beans in a pot", hay bales, stick ponies, etc. Afterwards, they came in and had hot dogs. We sang songs and danced. It was a good time!!!! Brinson loves her cowboy hats!
I'll tell you what wasn't fun tonight. Bathing Brinson with two scraped knees and a blister from her boots. She was not a happy camper.


Up front with Mrs. Campbell

Putting beans in the "fire"

Sitting next to her friend Carter

Waiting her turn


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Tomorrow is Rodeo Day at B's school, so we had a dry run today. Poor thing, her boots are apparently too big so they came off alot. But hey, that's the price a girl has to pay to look awesome!!!!

"Ack! This hat won't sit right Mom"

I love this pic

"How bout this pose? This ok?"


First haircut!

I know, I know...Just how many pictures can you take of a kid's haircut? Alot if it's her first one!!!!!
I decided on the fly yesterday to go get B's hair cut. Thanks to my stylist at TGF, Celina for doing a good job! Brinson was so good, and so patient. She kept telling them to turn the music "Louder". It was really funny. The only thing she wasn't crazy about was when they sprayed her hair with the cold water from the bottle. Other than that she was awesome.

"You're gonna do what?"

"Hey this is not cool"

"Gee I better be still, otherwise who knows what this lady will do to me."

"Nah, I'm not really happy with that length, can you take off more?"

"Wooooweeee I have bang-age!"

"Color? No, no color!"

"Yeah, blow it dry up like that, with a curl..."

"Hey! What the...?"

"Whew, glad that's done...thought they were gonna kill me in there."

To me she looks so much older in this pic.

Ned's 40th birthday

This past Saturday we had an informal birthday party for Daddy! He turned the big 4-0! We spent the afternoon at Dave and Busters bowling and playing games. Sadly the Baldwins couldn't make it because poor lil Z-man was running a fever. All is well now. He's on meds and is on the mend!

Abuelo, Aunt KD and Nana

Daddy and Grampa showing B how it's done


Uncle Mike and Daddy catching up

Tres Leches cake! Cappuccino flavored even!

And ah-one!

And ah-two....Ta Dah!

Birthday Boy

Meme trying out a ball...she managed to bowl even though her back hurt...Crazy!

Mommy attempting to bowl....


I know it's been a long time since we've posted. We've all been fighting sickness since before Christmas. It's been a rough holiday season this year. We were told that Brinson would be sick during her first year of school, but oh boy. They were NOT kidding. In the past month, she's had bronchitis, viral rash, pneumonia, and bronchitis again which she is currently taking medication for.
Last week Brinson had her evaluation at the school district to see if she qualified for more services since the ECI program sees her until she's three. I am very happy to report that she totally did NOT qualify AND is at a 4 yr old level for most of the cognitive stuff. She was saying things in there to the teacher that I didn't even know she knew. She is just talking up a storm and mimicking. As a matter of fact just today she was walking around the house saying "Mommy says (pause) Brinson Come here Come here!" She is making longer sentences and it's like a switch was flipped. Cindy (speech therapy) saw her for the last time this week. So now we are done with all therapies! Yay!!!!

On a different note, Mom's back has been a real problem for her. She's been to the pain doctor here numerous times for injections. She's now having some testing done, and it looks like surgery is an ultimate solution.
Needless to say between all the issues, we've not had a chance to get out and do very much at all.
Cmon Spring!!!