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Friday, October 14, 2011

Arizona trip

My cousin Jennifer was getting married and we decided to make it a family trip out of the visit.  So we tacked on a few days after the wedding to stay in Sedona and visit a few sites like the Grand Canyon.

The last time I went to the Grand Canyon it was sort of the trip from hell.  What could go wrong did!  And of course traveling in the car for a million hours with 2 small boys beating the heck out of each other...and arguing about the line...."don't cross the line"  "I saw you one my side"....etc.  You get the idea.

Our trip was much more subdued.  Brinson was a real trooper.    Did great in the car and even though having a fever much of the trip, she really did not complain.  Brinson used Mommy's iPad and her really she was very distracted.

In Phoenix (wedding location), we had a little family reunion.   It was really nice to get everyone together.

Scott's perfect spiral.  Funny joke, because Jennifer could throw a better spiral than he could.

Riding on the train at the park where my cousin got married

Learning to roll down the hill

While also in Arizona we explored the Desert Arboretum.

The Monarch Butterfly exhibit was really neat.

Then we went to Sedona.  And explored the Red Rock park.  

And there she is playing the MobiGo!

On the way

Yes that is snow.  We were up in the mountains in Arizona...

At the Grand Canyon


Captured in airport