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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, January 16, 2010



There are certain things I've found out that are absolutely hysterical in real time...then you try and tell someone about it and it's not so funny. (Ned couldn't get it) Brinson did this all on her own, and Mom and I were in tears. Hopefully you'll get a good laugh too!


New Year's Eve photos and videos

Happy 2010!

Lisa was so proud of her cake, so we had to capture for all of eternity!

Ringing in the New Year, even the adults get to have fun!
No, not for you Brinson.

Reminiscing on what the kids looked like last year. The blog has a good archive for that sort of thing.
It is all about the kids, we congr egated in Brinson's bedroom where the toys are.
Caught you playing at the pink kitchen....HEHE!

Brinson and her bling, thanks to Nana...


New Years Eve....sleepy
Next morning
TubTime together!

Stephen and I had the kids New Years Day. They were so good....I even got a cat nap or 2.
Look at those kids play together

Bedtime fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visiting the Baldwin's after Christmas

Yeah I know it is way after Christmas, but I have ...I mean Brinson has lot of toys to play with and I sort of slacked on the photos.... So after Christmas we were invited out to the Baldwin's for a visit. Even though it was a bit chilly it turned out to be nice day playing on Zachary's King-sized Play-yard and sharing his toys. And the big kids had fun on the Wii.

Want a chip Daddy?

I like outside!

It looks like Zachary is by himself up there...

Right here....sliding down!

Kim with Brinson


Swinging with Daddy!

Wii playing (Sorry Marla!)

Those not playing just like to watch or get out of the way...... Later the guys and gals were sword fighting....and then the fun really started.

Zachary was kind enough to share some of his toys!

Mommy and Brinson playing with one!


Laughing with Meme

Monday, January 11, 2010

Learning to walk

Brinson is getting closer and closer to walking every day. These are all milestones.....enjoy the footage....we always do!

Walking with Bottles

Stand up....and then walk

3 Steps!!!