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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visitors for Brinson

Brinson had 3 Grandparents visit tonight. Everyone is happy about the pee. Brinson is too, so much so.....she was moving around so much that she would de-sat herself. They gave her some morphine to calm her down.

The eight pm diaper was 15cc...yeah!

KD came as well to visit with Lisa....someone to talk to other than me...I know she is excited about that.

Tonight we graciously accepted dinner invitation with the Baldwin's. It was nice to break away and have an adult conversation.

Oh yeah, I wanted to thank the anonymous nurse from the 4th floor that gave me her own bottled water in the elevator. The vending machine was out and she gave me hers. Super nice...and would not let me pay for it.

This place is awesome. I am so glad Brinson is here. I can't image her being anywhere else, except maybe home with us.

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The Baldwin Family said...

Dinner was great and it was sooooo wonderful to have good news on Brinson and the pee front. Whoo hoo! Thanks guys for coming to dinner with us!

Kim & Stephen