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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update on our sweetpea

Hi folks!
Just wanted to give an update on Brinson. Sorry I don't have any pics/vids to post. Will try to get some up in the next couple of days.
We heard back from Dr. Escalante, B's endocrinologist. She said that the pelvic ultrasound was NORMAL. No signs of tumors, cysts, etc. Brinson's uterus and ovaries look good and there are no signs of "maturing". Also, her lab results looked good. I asked about "tumors in the pituitary, brain" and the doc reassured me that if there was something abnormal like those present, it would've showed up on the labs/findings. So, based on all that, they can not even give Brinson the definitive diagnosis of precocious puberty!!!! Yay!!
We are just going to continue to monitor her and if anything changes we are to call them back. We do have a follow up in August.
Meme and I took Brinson out and about a bit this week. I've been choosy about where we take her, and I just refuse to let this damn Swine flu scare keep us inside! We all went out to a Mexican restaurant today and she loves guacamole, queso and refried beans!! We had a fairly decent day with food today so I sure hope there is more of that to come.
Brinson is so close to crawling. Even Dava (OT) says it will be any day now. She is standing holding on to our fingers and starting to take a few steps. She holds on for dear life! She is babbling non-stop and I looove it.
This Mother's Day will be even more special than last year because our baby is home. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

So cute in her hats

Busy Sunday

Brinson had lots of visitors today! Kim and Zachary Baldwin came by to play, and so did Uncle Mike and Aunt KD. Then later, Grandma and Grandfather came by after being outta town for 2 weeks. Was great to see everyone!
"Who, me?!?"

Tryin to eat Uncle Mike's hat

"Hey, wasn't me man!!!"

Zachary and his awesome Mommy

Playin, playin, playin

Outside with Brinson

Brinson really likes being that summer is approaching we have to think about how to protect Brin from being carried away by the Texas sized mosquitoes.

Playing with Mommy outside

I don't know why, but I love these sleepy shots

Brin posing for Daddy outside :>