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Monday, March 10, 2008

Father spends time with Brinson

This morning I got to spend some quality time with Brinson. It seems as I learn how the NICU works there are some key times to call vs show up and get information.

This morning was a key time (right after morning shift change) because I got to see her a lot and do a little bonding. (BTW early morning is not necessarily a good time to see the doctor) At first I just spent 10 mins just talking to her, but then the primary nurse showed up and I got to take her temperature (98.7...good) and then change her diaper.

Her skin is still real dry, but she is still wiggling toes and fingers (still sedated). Actually since I was there right after shift change I got to watch the nurse do an assessment.

First she checks for a pulse on all limbs (including head) to make sure there is good blood flow (one problem that can come up is the lines through her belly button can cut of circulation to her legs) and then listens to the heart to make sure no anomalies exist (like a murmur). That was actually a funny moment. The nurse warmed the stethoscope and then place it on Brin's chest. Brin jumped like wow that is cold....obviously the nurse did not warm it enough. The last thing the nurse checked for was stomach contents.....eww yucky green stuff (bile, but a very small amount). This just means the stomach is still not ready for food (if you remember.

Her other vitals are looking good. BP is good....the dopamine is done to .2 (so they lowered from .8 to .2 in 12 hours) and BP is holding in the range. They still have her on some 02 but they expect after her last dose at 6pm today that the oxygen should go back to room air.

I had a lot of opportunity for pictures....but did not have the camera. I will fix that tomorrow....

Well I am back at work and questions are more later.


Barb said...

I am so glad for your update... It gets so crazy as to what is happening. I showed her pic to some of my staff and we all agree she is beautiful. Do I detect a small pug nose??

I know it has to be tough leaving Lisa and Brinson... and heading to work. But I am sure your staff is supportive too.... Brin is now the star of my background on the computer!

Anonymous said...

Ned, Lisa, and Brinson,
You three are in my thoughts and prayers. The pictures are amazing.
Lynn Granzin
(Heather's mom)

Paige M said...

I just heard the news from Ned, I have been out of pocket. I was amazed with the update. Brinson is beautiful! And i lover her name. I also love the story of how Cooper made life easier for Brinson and Mom. What a nice, young gentleman he was.
You are in my thoughts and daily prayers. And thanks for including me on this BLOG... now i won't bother Ned with so many questions at work!!

Mommy said...

I don't care what the NICU nurses says about Daddy's diapering techniques....Brinson has the best Daddy in the world! :P Love you pookie. :) And thanks so much to everyone for contributing to the blog. I'm hoping we can show this to Brinson when she gets old enough!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brinson,

Everyone is so glad you are doing well and we are all continuing to pray very hard for you. God obviously has big plans for you !

Can't wait til your blog comes from home, not a hospital room.

Hang in there sweetie !

Mom and Dad, thanks for letting us share in your little angel's life.