Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Brinson with Santa....and Daddy.

Just wait till the Christmas cards go out...I expect to have them mailed by Dec 18. The picture we put on them is absolutely hilarious. So if you think this pic is funny, be prepared!
Santa was pretty traumatic to her this year. I can only hope next year will be better...ok yeah right.


Extended Family Gathering (last month)

Last month we had an unusual gathering of family members. Every year Aunt Pat comes in for Nutcracker market (first week of November) and stays for about a week. Well with Aunt Barb was here around the same time.....and it became a rare occasion. We all met at Nana's house for a nice dinner.

Aunt Pat (actually Nana to her grandkids) with Brinson
Aunt Barb with Uncle Mike....just a chillin'
Nana with her favorite grandkid!
Grampa dancing with Brinson. She just smiles and laughs when you dance with her.

Brinson point at Mommy and Daddy in a picture (with Uncle Mike)

Playing the lips (video posted later)

Aunt KD getting nervous with Brinson on the rocker!
Funny, smiley and cute!