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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Parents late night visit (Grandparents too!)

We just arrived home from the hospital....long day.

Since mom's car was there, Lisa pumped so grandparents got some time with Brin and then we followed after they left.

Brinson is not able to withstand the FATs and Sterile water they were giving her. It seems her stomach is not quite ready for stuff yet. They will increase her proteins via IV in the meantime. Her dopamine was lowered to .6 while we were there, that is good.

Her O2 saturation looked good so they lowered her O2 from 25% down to 23%. They had to increase both dopamine and O2 after surgery. Also they lowered her rate from 34bpm to 25 bpm.

Ideally she needs to get back on room air (21%) and be closer to 20bpm before she can be moved to CPAP. Basically she would be breathing on her own but would have positive pressure of air through her nose.

Brin was also receiving photo therapy. Again expected....and she will continue to have it on and off again until her liver is more developed.

Oh yeah her temperature was 99.0 at the beginning of the 7pm shift, so she lowered the heater. Without the saran wrap over her, her temp would plummet. Babies without fat cannot hold body temp. This is usually a problem until 30+ weeks. (on the March 13th Brinson will be 25weeks)

Overall she looked good, lots of little movements even though she is sedated. Her skin is getting a little crusty from all the photo therapy. But that is only temporary.

Well it is back to work for me in the morning. And Lisa will be trying to keep busy.

Thanks for you all your wonderful comments. Goodnight!

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