Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sitting up

It is pretty amazing for us to see Brinson growing and striving to be like us. Well yesterday she started sitting up. I know it sounds strange, but it was just like that. First it was for a few minutes, but last nite and early yesterday day it was like 40 minutes at a time.

She is just stronger. Zachary's mom told us it would be sudden. She said, "One day he couldn't sit up by himself and next he could."

It was exactly like that.

The camera just caught this one, I have no idea what it is about. She is certainly not sad, but it is a pretty funny expression. "Daddy, do I have to?"

"Dad what is the big deal?, I got this."

"This is aweshummmm!!"

Just a cutie!

Wow, a little wobble

"WooWoo, I love this."

Friday, February 27, 2009

More talking...

Talking, sounds...whatever....

Who's there

Who is mimicking who?

Brinson is learning new tricks everyday.


Thanks to Kim and Stephen who gave us this ducky tub a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago when B was still in the hospital.. We are finally getting to use it. The bill of the duck quacks when you squeeze it, and she gets so excited.
I took Brinson outside today. We sat on a blanket in the yard, and she actually hands. She's still a little scared, and Mommy didn't manage to get pics. Hopefully Daddy will post videos soon, he's been really busy lately.

**On a side note, please keep The Townsends in your thoughts and prayers. Aubrey (who was B's next door neighbor in NICU) is in the hospital after an apneic episode at home last night. They are running tests to see what's going on. Keep your fingers crossed that it is nothing serious. We all worry when one of "us" gets sick. They are good friends of ours and I know would appreciate all the prayers we can give them.**

Monday, February 23, 2009

"BBB" or..Brinson's Boyfriend's Birthday!

Today,Mr. Zachary Baldwin AKA Z-man AKA Brin's Boy Toy turned the big ONE YEAR OLD!!! What a milestone....he is the first of our "NICU CLAN" to have his bday. I couldn't be happier for Kim and Stephen. They were our first friends in the NICU. We met them way back in the beginning, when Brinson was a noobie and was Z's podmate...I remember Stephen's first words to me..."Wow, you have regular clothes on now!" (Of course that's not really quoted but close) After days on end in a hospital gown, it was nice to be noticed in street clothes! And Kim, she is like a sister to me. We already have Z and B's wedding plans initiated!!!
To start out as strangers in such a scary environment, it is so heartwarming to come out of it with such wonderful people as friends. We love you guys, and are TRULY so proud to be able to celebrate this momentous occasion!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Scary night for Mommy

Well, we had our first "bad" night. Ned probably thinks I'm overreacting, but it scared the hell outta me. Friday, I had started Brin on some yogurt. I gave her 1tbsp in the morning...which she could've cared less about. I also ground up some of the "puffs" to add to her cereal for texture. Both were recommended by dietary/OT. I also gave her some apple prune juice...not much. And let's not forget the teeeeny taste of chocolate bundt cake from Daddy's bday.
Ok, so I'm up to feed her, and she's a bit refluxy. I go in to feed her and she had a huge poopy diaper. This makes #4 for the day. No diarrhea. After I get done feeding her, she vomits all over the crib and herself. I go wake Daddy up because I need help. We change her bed, her clothes and Daddy takes her to the living room. She vomits two more times on Daddy, once while she was asleep....and then has another huge diaper, this one is diarrhea. 5 bowel movements in 24 hrs.....ugh. Mommy, at this point, is trying not to panic. No fever, however she is crying thru the raspberries she keeps doing. Lots of refluxy coughing/gagging. We ended up taking out her NG tube, thinking that would give her some relief, but her belly got distended so we ended up putting it back in to remove the air. I bet we took out 50cc of air from her belly. She then seemed to rest better. Poor baby, she was so tired. :( She finally ended up going to sleep at 4am. I had decided not to call the MD since the episode stopped.
Then on Saturday, she didnt want to eat at all. She kept spitting out her food and milk, so we just NG fed her almost all day. Today, she is eating a minimal amount. She does still seem pretty refluxy too. She has had another BM today which was different in color than her "normal". No diarrhea, but close. Sorry to ramble, it just really freaked me out. I know she's going to get sick eventually, I'm just not prepared to see her so uncomfortable.
I'm planning on calling Dietary tomorrow, and my OT comes back on Tues. I'm not sure what caused all came on really suddenly. My thoughts are it's the yogurt. Maybe she's lactose intolerant? Maybe she's just not tolerating? Kim (Zachary's mommy) told me they told her not to start him on yogurt for another month. I dont frustrating.