Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wait for it

Brinson has done this over and over. Mommy finally captured it. BTW She only does it one direction.

1 on 1

Brinson and Mommy spending some time together. So that is what happens during the day.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Brinson saw the peditrician today. She feels that Brinson is doing better, but the coughing is worse. She changed her Albuterol to Xopenex and added a steriod twice a day. Also she gave her something to help with the cough that we can give twice daily. She vomited twice today, I think it's because of all the coughing. Per the MD her lungs sounded "squeaky" and said she didn't want to be grim, but we are in for one long winter season. (She said the first winter for babies especially preemies is pretty rough). She gave me a months supply of the nebulizer meds if that gives you any clue. We were expecting her to get sick, we just hope this episode passes quickly. The good news is that she isnt acting sick at all. She's all smiles for Mommy and Daddy.
I finally ended up going to the doc yesterday and was put on antibiotics also. I rescheduled her eye doc appt tomorrow because I didn't want to put her (or me) thru the trek to the Med Center again tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More bath faces!!!

This is what you look like when warm water is poured on your head.

Not sure what to say about these next few faces....except cute and funny!!!!

Bummer bathtime is over.

Brinson and Daddy

Monday, November 17, 2008

Loves her thumb

Brin hates the bottle, hates the pacifier, but always has her thumb in her mouth. I took this today, she looked so cute. Her and I had a hysterical laugh session today that I unfortunately did not catch on video. I was too busy laughing/crying. I've never seen her laugh that hard, so hopefully there will be more! She is so generous too, she's even shared her cold with Mommy now. Lucky me! As far as her progress, I really can't tell if she's the same or better. She had more coughing and nasal gunk today (still white/clear/yellow) but I don't know if that's from the albuterol breaking it up. Last night Grandfather who is in Trinidad got to see Brin on the webcam along with me and Daddy. I am glad he got to interact a little with her. Hopefully he will be home around Christmastime!

We have a busy week. She sees the GI doc, the Eye doc and the Pedi doc along with our OT Dava. Enjoy the pic! Will try to post more soon.

Great Aunt Pat visits

Aunt Pat (who is also a Nana) made her yearly trip to Houston. We are so glad she got to meet and play with Brinson. Unfortunately we were all sick and didn't get to go to the Nutcracker Market which is one of the highlights during Pat's visits. Looks like next year we will get to take Brin and will have to spend even more money. Ha!

Playing on the floor

Brinson was being a ham for Daddy.