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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, August 2, 2010

Family picture day in Indiana

Meme paid for a professional to come out to take some family pictures. While he was taking pictures I snapped a few pics. I think I got a few good ones, wadda ya think?

Brayson, Brinson, Meme, Jacie and Jenna

Brayson, Seth, Leann and Marley
Mommie and Brinson
Aunt Lisa with Jenna
Meme, Jenna and Jacie
Jacie and Jenna
Tatman Boys (Jamie and Seth) with Mary & Lisa
Brinson and Seth (what is that expression)
Jodi, Leann, Mary and Lisa
Jenna trying to capture Brayson

Brayson and Jacie

Getting a cold drink with Jenna!
Mommie and Brinson, just a spinning!
Picture #2 of Daddy with Daughter #1, Brinson