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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lunch at Cracker Barrel

After running around Houston today, we stopped at Cracker Barrel for lunch. Brinson loves their chicken and dumplings and grilled cheese! Nana met us there afterwards. Then we all came back to the house and enjoyed the rest of the sunny day. (I mowed, lol)


Today was Brinson's first Kindermusik experience. She had a great time interacting and singing with everyone. I discovered just how bad of shape I'm in today We did alot of singing, jumping and walking in circles. Then more skipping in circles...etc. I didn't get any "action" pictures. Meme was with me but I think she was too busy laughing to take pics.

On a side note, we attempted twice this week to go to the zoo. First was Weds, you know, the day we were supposed to have a 30% chance of rain but it poured all day? Then we made a second attempt today after Kindermusik. Apparently most of Houston had the same idea. We drove through 3 different parking lots for about 20 minutes looking for a spot. No luck. It was a mess.

Meme leaves to go back to Indiana tomorrow. We will all miss her alot. She's such a huge help to us when she's here, and Brinson just loves her to death. I'm not going to know what to do with myself without her here. Brinson is gonna have to take care of me. :(


Brinson with Miss Sara


Getting acquainted with things

Mommy and Brinson

Monday, March 22, 2010

More Single Ladies...hysterical

Brinson is picking up new moves...she is totally obsessed with this song. We are singing it in our sleep....gah...guess I better learn the words! We've tried other music, other artists, other genres of music...but noooooooo...she loves Beyonce!

Yummy popsicle!

Here's the Brinson lying in Meme's lap eating a popsicle! Yummy strawberry!!