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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vitals look good

Brinson is holding steady. Her BP is stable meaning not swaying which is a good sign and she able to maintain it without dopamine....which is really good. Her oxygenation is good (98-99 out of a 100). They put in an ART line so they could remove the umbilical line (usually they want it out as soon as they can withstand it.) But the ART is not working yet. They can draw blood, but monitoring via the line is not working correctly yet....sometimes the arteries can spasm.

Her color is not great and her feet and hands are chilly...but her core is nice in warm. She was uncovered for quite a while because they had lots of trouble doing an ART line.

Also her heart is very consistent which is good...usually babies with this kind of trauma can't maintain their heart rate and BP.

She is a fighter.

Lisa is pumping right now and we have to do some paper work for SSI later this afternoon. Apparently the goverment will pay medical bills for babies under 2lbs if insurance does not cover. I don't expect a problem with my insurance....but just in case.


KD said...

I wanted to tell you guys how much we appreciate the updates, even the scary ones. Please don't hesitate to call me if there's anything you need help with. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We think of you constantly! Let's us know if we do anything. Love, Jenn and Scott (i cannot remember my password)

Anonymous said...

Ned & Lisa,
I hope you can feel all the loving arms around you and your little girl. Keep your spirits up. Be good to each other, God has a special plan for Brin.