Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hunkerin Down

Hello all. Mommy here. We just wanted to let everyone know that we are burrowing down here at the house and bracing for Ike. This will be my first Hurricane so I'm not quite sure what to expect. We have plenty of supplies, Meme and I braved the crowds and went to the grocery today. I had to beat up an old lady to get her shopping cart, otherwise it went well.
Ned went and got an extra feeding pump and we even have gravity feed bags if we need em (thanks Tiffani for the help on figuring out the rate!). Brinson should be fine. Eric and Audra in Austin are prepared to house us if needed. Thanks guys.
Go figure.....we had dinner plans with Laura and Sami tonight also that we had to cancel. Kim, Stephen and Zachary were goin to suprise them and join us but they had to head North.
Our love to all. Stay dry and watch for falling branches!!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Outfit of the day

And here we have the newest in fall fashion from Baby Gap. See how it accentuates the hips? Notice how the green brings out her eye color. It is accompanied by the "army pimp" hat as well as socks. The ensemble is completed with cute floral panties which do NOT, i repeat, do NOT make her butt look big. Not sure if she's ready for the army yet but she's stylin! :P

Mommy gives Brinson a bath

Grammy AKA Grandma comes for dinner

Grammy(she has actually "legally" changed her name to Grandma) came over for dinner on Sunday and we put her to work. While Mommy and Meme were at the emergency room (Meme was tired of her index finger and decided to slice it while cutting the ham), Grammy changes a diaper, clothes and helps with a bath. Brinson was so excited to have her helping out.

3 generations

Three generations - Meme, Mommy and Brinson

This morning

An amazing thing happened this morning. It happened so fast I got a little excited and woke Mommy up to tell her. Then I looked at the clock......ooops 558am. Oh yeah, I have to tell you what it is.....Brinson rolled from her back to her stomach all by herself. YEAH!!!

Usually when I have to get up at this time and give Brinson a position change from the bedroom to the swing or couch I go back to sleep, but again I was just too excited. It is amazing how just little things do it for you.

Well I will set it up for you. I moved her from the bedroom to the couch and I accidentally pulled the apnea sounds like a fire alarm. While I was getting the alarm off and reset Brinson was quick. What is funny is she was fussy and then all of the sudden she was quiet.....even with the apnea box going off, have I told you it sounds like a fire alarm?....really really loud.

Anyways going to posts some pics and vids as well, since I am awake and excited.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random shots

All yellow for Brinson (BTW that is Abuelo's favorite color)

Here is Brinson with me in her favorite position. She will sleep for hours on my chest. It is one of my favorite bonding times with her.

Full of smiles

The morning is the best time for Brinson. She is fresh and full of smiles. By late evening she is only has a few smiles left for bath.....otherwise she is pretty sleepy, cranky, crabby...etc.

Follow the baby

Brinson has this strange habit of following her reflection in the swing. Watch and smile.
BTW the mirror is above her head.

Monkey on my back

We sometimes use the monkey to force Brinson on her side.