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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 14, 2008

Still waiting for....

Yes you guessed.....still no pee. Otherwise she is doing pretty good.

Brinson had a few visitors today, a few L&D nurses and Dr G. I think Nana is planning a visit as well.

We are headed for dinner and to get a little break.

Oh yeah the saran wrap is gone....she is able to hold her temp without it. She is also moving around quite a bit more....including her mouth, hands and feet.


Linda Thompson said...

Hang in there. My name is Linda and I work at the hardware where your mother, Mary, used to work. I went thru this last summer with my great grand daughters(twins). It took us 3 mo. to get them home but they are healthy and thriving now so hang in there and keep up the prayers, we will in Hartford City.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ned and Lisa- It was so great to come see Brinson today. She looks so much bigger and stronger to me than she did on her birthday-What a difference a week makes! Stay strong, little Brinson- see ya next week, and until then, all my thoughts and prayers are with you!
Go, kidneys, go!!! :)
Love, Megan (L&D)