Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Better day

This morning we learned Brinson is on 30% O2 and they are removing the little dosage of morphine she was still on. This is great news; after having wet lungs the last few days and not being able to hold will be good to see her more relaxed and of course be able to hold our little one again.

I snapped this shot last night. She is just so cute...all her parts....including the 2nd toe which appears to be longer than the big toe.

What a cutie pie

Yesterday Mom and Dad had a visit. We did not get to hold her because of her de-sating (lungs still a little wet).

Here are few shots of her quietly sleeping.

She had the hiccups which almost woke her up. (Watch the brow!!) So cute!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hazy lung day

Yesterday Brinson was having a tough time with the lungs. Unfortunately this is just part of being a preemie on the respirator. They started her on lasix last night to pull the fluid off her lungs.

Even though she seemed a bit irritated yesterday, she was awake long enough to say HI to Nana and Grampa. I know you have seen the photos of her awake, but now we have confirmation from the grandparents.

Here is a shot of her sneezing.....or something. I just got it by accident.

Here is a funny picture of Brinson giving Mommy "THE BIRD"
Mommy says she is grounded.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Look at those cute, dark eyelashes.

I think someone's hair is going to be like Daddy's. NO not bald, but dark brown.

New booties and hat

Look at Brinson's new booties and hat. Auntie Heather bought these for her before she left for Mexico. At that time we couldn't even imagine they would ever fit.....but now they fit. And she loves them.

Thanks Heather.

7 weeks old!

Ya know, you can really see her movements seem to be less jerky and more like a typical baby. Wait a minute, there is nothing typical about Brinson. She is our baby and that makes her really really fact over 10 years in the making.

Today she is 7 weeks old (from birth) and tomorrow she is 31 weeks old (total life).

We have figured out that she is most awake right after a bath. Wait till you see these videos and pictures.

BTW guess who she is looking at....yes you guessed it Mommy!

And drum roll please, she now weighs 2 lbs 9.3 oz..... Yes that is right she gained over 3oz in 3 days. She is on her way. I guess the formula and the continuous feeds really worked for her. If she keeps gaining, she will be just over 3lbs by next week.

Daddy don't rub lotion on me so hard!!!

The picture behind her is one Lisa and I took in 2000 when we were in Mexico on vacation. We thought it would give her something to look at. We're prepping her for world travel!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good news this more videos

We got good news this morning. Her head ultrasound and eye exam are normal. So nothing to do there....yeah!!!

We are getting to see more and more of Brinson each day. Meaning her behaviors are starting to show through. Here she is wide awake waiting for Mommy to hold her. She is on a schedule now and can't wait to be held.

Here is Mommy holding and taking video of Brinson.

New Guest in the Condo

Yesterday Brinson got a music box that looks like a doll. A big thanks to the McCauleys, she loves the doll and the pretty music it makes.

It does have a funny took us about 15 minutes to figure out how it works. We were looking for a battery, a button or usb or mp3 jack....something high tech. But it was really simple draw string. We laughed and laughed about that.

The music box is snuggly doll on the right side of the picture.

Thanks again guys!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A post from Mommy

Well, I am making my first official post. It's a very simple one. No medical info, no progress report...those are Daddy's doings. He's exhausted and in bed as I type this. I just wanted to share part of my day with all of you.

I got to hold Brinson today, doing the skin to skin. The nurse has me take her out of the isolette...scary. It was so nice feeling her against me. I would talk to her and sing to her a song my mom used to sing to me as a child. "Summertime" I would feel her wiggling and kicking gently under the blankets. They have me sit in a rocking chair so I was able to rock her just a little bit (too much stimulation is not good).

After putting her back in the isolette, I watch her. She mainly sleeps but I have to tell you...she makes all sorts of faces. I was lucky enough to catch the most beautiful picture of her yet. It's times like these and moments like this that bring me back to how truly lucky we are in life. No matter how much pain, anguish, agony, worry we have to endure.....with one look like this....she is so worth it.

Continuous she can grow more!!!!

Well since Brinson has not been gaining as much weight as they would like.....0.7 oz and then 0.4oz over the last 2 weighings....she is being moved to continuous feeds. They will also alternate between formula and Mommy's milk. She needs more calcium to strengthen her bones.

Because Brinson has the stoma and because she is a preemie, she is not able to absorb as quickly as you or I. So it is important to make a change to get her going forward at the proper pace.

She has also been diagnosed with Osteopenia. So on her bed she has a new custom sign (Lisa made it) that states "Handle me with care....I am fragile". She has no fractures now, but it is possible she might get some. Nothing to worry about. Once the nutrition is straight, she will gain more weight and her bones will get stronger.

BTW Her head ultrasound has been moved to tomorrow.

Oh yeah, for those of you wondering what happened to James. He is doing fine. We had lunch with his parents (as well as some others) on Friday. He is in isolation and it is policy that once preemies go into isolation they do not come out until they leave the hospital. That means we don't seem them too much. Lisa runs into James' mom in the pump room sometimes.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nice Sunday!

Today I got to hold Brinson skin to skin and bath her. She did so well. After her bath she got weighed and measured. She weighs 2lbs still growing. She is also 3/8 inch longer or 15inches total.

Afterwards she was so wide eyed. You will be amazed as we were how wide awake and looking around she was.

Oh, I am so sleepy. After I get my bath I get so sleepy. And now you are feeding me. Nite Mommy and Daddy....see you tomorrow.....I need my beauty sleep, it is a big week. I have a head scan tomorrow and eye exam on nitety nite!!!