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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dora backpack

This was taken just before we were getting ready to leave for the airport to come back home. I can't believe how grown up she looks with that backpack on. She actually did manage to wear it around some at the airport....was so cute!!!

Brinson with Uncle Jamie

My brother Jamie, sister-in-law Jodi and nieces Jenna and Jacie took a turn watching Brinson while I went to the casino (it was the last time!) with Mom. Brinson loooooves the girls, and I was told that she enjoyed playing the guitar with Uncle Jamie.
We were driving down one of the County Roads and we passed by this old farmhouse. It had No Tresspassing signs everywhere, and was abandoned. It's such a shame that they let this place go. I'd love to buy it if it were for sale! I made Mom stop so I could grab some pictures of it.

Covered Bridge

There are quite a few of these neat old bridges around where Mom lives.

Sunrises, Blue Skies, and Sunsets

Sunrise seen at the back of Meme's house

Sunsets seen from the front porch

The Amish

We went up to a town called Shippshewana which is where there are alot of Amish. It's one of the coolest things I've seen. It's like literally stepping back in time. I had to sneak to take pictures because they REALLY don't like to be photographed. We stayed at the Essenhaus Inn and ate at their restaurant. It's family style and there aren't many choices, but there don't need to be. The food was the best I had eaten the entire trip. Unfortunately I got so wrapped up in everything, I forgot to take pics of the hotel. I did manage to get one of the view from the room.
We stopped in at 2 Amish bakeries (they are little unairconditioned rooms attached to their farms) and bought some goodies. Grrrrrrrreat stuff. I shipped some of the stuff home so Ned could enjoy it too!

View from the room


Neat Amish guy

Okay so we drove by this buggy...who had stopped to pick up some people..

And I kinda
So I tried again later...same luck!!!

This was parked at a hardware store.

Look at all that stuff!!!!!!!

Back 40

The Back 40 is a restaurant in a nearby town to my Mom. Papaw Jim used to love going there, so I wanted to take B. The place is cool, but sadly the food isn't good anymore.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ft Wayne Zoo part 2

Enjoying the train ride

Enjoyin the river ride

The pig on the left sat on the pig on the right's head first...rofl
So it was payback!

What you don't see is immediately after this pic was taken, the donkey
reared up and headbutted She was ok though!

At the zoo entrance...check out that horse statue!
Now THAT is a big lion!

Checkin out a Pelican

A badger enjoying the sun

The mating giraffes (It's a long story)

The view on the train ride