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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Visiting the Baldwins

Before Halloween we got the kidos together for a visit and to see them in their costumes.

Dewberry Farm

The Baldwin's with Grandma and Zaldivar's with Abuelo went to Dewberry Farm a few weeks ago. It was a good visit....but bloody hot (really sunny with no breeze) for October. We took a tour of the place, visit to the pumpkin patch/alley, corn maze....had lunch and then pretty much left.

Also the Baldwins dropped by on their way back home.

Daddy (Stephen) and Zachary being silly

It is a long hot walk through the maze and everyone gets tired eventually...

At the end the kids impatient and just keep going....

They had hundreds of pumpkins carved all in one room. Here is just a sample of their work. Pretty cool eh?

Inside time

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First day of school!!!!!

Today was a momentous occasion! It was Brinson's first day of school! We both did very well, neither of us cried. Ned and I walked her into the classroom and she made a bee line for the radio/cd player. Mrs. Haynes quickly led her to a table to put "Bugs in a jar". Ned and I went to the front to hand in paperwork, and on our way out we peeked into the room. She was coloring and having a great time. We even ran into Shauna her ISR teacher! She was dropping her two little ones off.
The only issue was when they tried to change her diaper, she freaked out about the latex gloves. Not sure what that's all about, I'm sure it has to do with doc offices, labs etc.
When I went to pick her up, she was ready to go but said she had fun. She says she wants to go back which is a good thing. She brought home her turkey she colored along with a paper turkey feather we have to decorate together.

I think this will be really good for her.

When we got home she told me she wanted to go ni ni. She slept from 130pm-515pm! And, I had to get her up!

Straight to the music

Mrs. Haynes (seated) and Mrs. Lesmeister

She has 3 teachers!

Putting bugs in a jar

At the end of class, Mrs. Lesmeister was calling her. They saw me thru the window.

I managed to get a pic with my cell phone

Her first coloring from school!!!!!

It's official, she even gets a tee shirt!


This past weekend we broke out the sidewalk chalk. We had fun! Brinson ended up being covered in blue chalk and I realized just how bad my drawing skills are.

Outline of Brinson

My version of Dora and Boots. I was pretty impressed with my Boots.
Dora, not so much LOL!

Loving that shirt

Halloween Day

Trick or Treating

The friday before Halloween we took Brinson out to Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital for their Halloween carnival. Brinson got to meet some of Nana's co- workers and to see some really neat costumes. Ned has some more pictures on his camera so we should be posting more later.

Getting a balloon kitty

Swinging her Dora trick or treat bag

Playing Pluck a Duck

Picking out candy with Grampa

Getting a kitty painted on her hand

She's such a girlie girl. When given a choice for her cheek or hand for a painting, she chose

Pumpkin carving

Ned and I decided to carve pumpkins for Brinson this year. As I'm posting this the pumpkins are long gone.....they molded pretty quickly. She wasn't very interested in the process, she was happy to ride her plasmacar around the kitchen.

With her halloween headband

Hey I had good intentions.....

but got very frustrated and gave up on Dora.

Ned had more patience...and better carving equipment :P

Ned's vampire bat

My sad

Doesn't she look thrilled??