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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hot Mama!

Look, Mama's got a new hairdo!

how many grandparents does it take...

to bathe a grandchild?

Apparently 3! ;>


Brinson will make the funniest noises while she is sleeping. We can only assume she is dreaming. But what is she dreaming about..... being chased killer bees, not likely because she has no notion of bees. It is more likely being chased by a milk bottle..... :>

Got Bananas?!?

Dinner at Nana's and Grampa's

We had Halloween dinner with family. Everyone took turns trying to get Brinson to take her bottle. Her NG tube came out around noon, so I decided to leave it out and give her a break. We had to replace it when we got home. Aunt KD couldn't make it to Nana's, she and Uncle Mike are going to the Caymans tomorrow (grrrr lol). We missed seeing Grandma Marion too. All in all, was a fun time.

Grampa getting some one one one time with THE BRINSON!

Burp time!

Feeding me with Daddy's baby spoon!

Chillin with Abuelo.

Oooh, I'm just so cute.

Halloween Morning

We had to take Brinson to see Dr. Rossell today for a follow-up. All checked out fine and we even managed to snag a pic with her. Also, Ned ran into Dr. Bloss in the hallway, who was dressed up as the Lone Ranger. We have a polaroid of it because Mommy had the camera. It was a sight to see!

Bathtime with Daddy

Mommy went to Kohl's with Grandma Marion so Daddy and I hung out. Aren't I cute?!?

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mommy with Brinson

Brinson and I had alot of fun playin around with the camera today. Some are blurry but I put them in anyway. She's getting stronger and is really coming into her own personality. We thank God for her everyday.

Cheek to cheek!

Ouchie she has my hair!

Awwww, she's giving Mommy kisses!

Mommy's turn!

Aaaah, I've had enough of the camera Mommy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Princess Pics

More photos of our little miracle.

This one is from the first week of October when she was in TCH.

I'm so sleepy Mommy.

Loves to suck her thumb.

Allllllllllmost asleep. Zoning bigtime.

Random Princess pics

Since I'm not able to post vids from my pc (Don't have the right program), you'll have to wait for Daddy's postings. We will have more pics after Halloween....wait till you see her costume! LOL! Most of you already know what it is. We go see the pediatrician tomorrow for follow up. Enjoy the pics.

She loves her hands.

Father and daughter cuddling before bedtime.

Oh look, it's my hand!

Mommmmm.....realllllly. (Have a feelin I'm gonna see this look often.)

Who says I'm distracted by shiny objec.......oh look! A Light!

Sad news

Hi all. We received some sad news on Tues. Ned's aunt Gladys (Pappy's sister) passed away suddenly in Miami. We will miss her and are really sorry that she won't get to meet Brinson. Please send a few extra prayers this way for the Zaldivar family. Thank you.