Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This week

It's been a steady week of activity! Yesterday Brinson started her Broadway Babies class and it's fun. It's alot like kindermusik with extra dancing around lol. We endured the pouring rain getting there and she absolutely loved it.
Today we said good bye to Meme till December. I know Brinson misses her like crazy already. She's been going thru the house all evening calling for her. Brinson also started her ISR training with Miss Shauna this pm. It was a little daunting seeing Brinson go under quite a few times, however, it's much better than drowning. She giggled thru much of it, and was not happy by the end. She did very well and didn't seem traumatized at all. Thank God!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday at Benihana's

Lisa had a birthday yesterday. It was nice to share it with family and friends.
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A quick getaway for our 13th

Lisa and I got to spend our 13th in Kemah. We had a grand time with Jetskis, great dinner at Perry's, Riding the bullet and other rides on the Boardwalk and then just lounging around the hotel pool.

The hotel made us some chocolate dipped strawberries

yummmmy with Champagne!

We started our journey riding jetskis near clear lake. Lisa and I had our own jetski to start than we shared. Ask Lisa, how she dumped us....pretty funny!!! ;)

See that GIANT wooden structure in the back.....well that is the Bullet (old school wood rollercoaster with a low cart (ie no back support)).

Giant Swing!
Riding the ferris wheel....very nice and slow ride.....for us old folk.

Enjoying the galveston hotel pool

I came down to Galveston one night while the family was there.....that evening we hit the pool

Very sad news

I am very sad to say that I heard today about the passing of my favorite comedian Robert Schimmel. Ned and I had the pleasure of seeing him in April of this year. Apparently he died from injuries sustained in a car accident on Aug 26. He was in a car that his 19 yr old daughter was driving, she swerved to avoid another car, and they rolled. She is still in the hospital. I just feel sick. This man beat cancer, only to die in a car accident. Life isn't fair sometimes. RIP Robert. You and your phenomenal humor will be sorely missed.