Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on the weight

Brinson is now weighing 1390g or 3lbs 1oz. Earlier today she had hazy lungs so they decided to give her lasix. Well by the end of the day she had peed off 140g. So of course her weight was affected.....but only 45g. Not to shabby.

Tomorrow they will measure her length. There are guesses from 16 3/8 all the up to 17 inches. And remember she has good length genes, I was ~22 1/2 inches long when I was born.

Friday, May 16, 2008

....and the tipping the scales at

Did anyone guess 1.4oz gain? Well she is 3lbs 2.6oz. She is steadily climbing. Brinson has gained a whopping 8oz in 5days.

Yawn or looking for Pacifier?

Or wait maybe it is the SCREAM mask? Nah it just our daughter looking for a pacifier or yawning. Look at the that big better to drink Mommy's milk.

Its holding time!!!

That is Mommy holding time!! I think these pictures speak volumes. Mommy just loves her daughter and look at chubby Brinson looking at Mommy!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally over 3lbs!!!!

Tonight Brinson weighs 3lbs 1.2oz (1395g) or a gain of 1.8oz. WooWoo!!!!

We are so excited she is gaining weight. The formula is working so hopefully she can keep it up.

When she reaches 4lbs then they can fix her gut. The downside is Brinson has to go back on the respirator and nothing by mouth for the surgery.

34 weeks old!!!!

Today, Brinson is 34weeks old. She is doing really well and we are so happy about that.

Here is Lisa patting Brinson's butt....this will sometimes sooth her.
If you look closely you can see Brinson backing away from the CPAP prongs. Look at her nose and you will see the prongs. She just loves CPAP.

Gained 80g (2.8oz) in one day

Last night she gained an amazing 80g or 2.82oz. WOW!!!!

Her current weight is 2lbs 15.4oz

Today they went up on her feeds to 9mls per hour still continuous.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks Aunt Barb!

Tonight after getting home from seeing Brinson, I decided to google my daughter. I was delighted find a flyer from IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY CATHOLIC CHURCH in HighPoint. This is Aunt Barb's church.

Inside the flyer I found this:

Thanks Aunt Barb, every prayer helps.

Brinson with Daddy

I held Brin this evening for over an hour. She slept most of the time.

Brinson, Are you peeking at Mommy and Daddy?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New upward trend

Tonight Brinson has gained 35g or 1.2oz. She now weighs 2lbs 12.6oz (1265g) They are still holding her lasix (diuretic) and lung treatments. BTW she is really hating CPAP. She tries to back out of the those nose prongs pretty much constantly. The daytime nurse today (TAJI) had her burritoed so she would be calm and not burn so many calories. It must have worked because she is gaining.

Oh yeah her ROP is still negative.

Look at her peeking at Mommy and Daddy!

Some weight gain

From Saturday to Monday, Brinson has gained 30g or a little over 1oz. Not a huge amount but considering on Saturday she was -118g over 2 weeks and now she is -88g over 2 weeks or -60g for this week. We are headed in the right direction.

She is being weighed daily to ensure she is gaining and to determine whether or not they need to make nutrition adjustments.

Her current wieght is 2lbs 11.4oz or 1230g.

BTW this picture was taken on Mother's Day...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Skin to Skin and Is that my mouth?

Brinson's heart rate was a little elevated this morning. They determined she was a bit dehydrated and decided on giving her some pedia-lyte over 1 hour.

They also increased her feeds from 7.7mls per hour to 8.4mls. They have also continued to use only the formula just because they are not sure what stuff needs to be added to Breast Milk. So at least the plan now is to wait to use the breast milk until Brinson starts gaining.

Brinson gives Mommy Mother's Day cards

Sunday, May 11, 2008

CPAP and Nutrition

Today, Brinson did very well on CPAP. They were able to ween her from 12 to 10 (pressure) on the machine and from 50% to low 20s on O2. BTW on CPAP you can no longer see her nose and upper lip....well see for yourself.

Her next real hurdle will be her nutrituion. Over the last 2 weeks she has lost 118g. She has had bouts with dumping (not absorbing) and has required a lot of diuretics. She is now dry (lungs and output) so hopefully they can get some weight on her. Currently she weighs 1210g (2lbs 10.7oz)or +10g over yesterday. Which is good!

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!

There I am getting a smooch in! :>

The Roar of Brinson!!!

Yesterday while on the nasal cannulas we got to hear Brinson for the very first time. On the respirator, the tube which gives life also takes away sound because the tube is between the vocal cords/box.

It was really neat to hear her cry for the first time. She kind of squeaked at first and has begun to get louder and louder.

Great news!!! Off the Vent!!!!

For a pre-mothers day gift Brinson was able to get off the respirator and move to nasal cannulas. And wow look at her pretty face. For the first 30 minutes, Brinson just looked all around. We think she was looking for her ET tube and white/blue hoses used by the respirator.

Brinson lasted over 7 hours on the nasal cannulas. And what a great 7 hours it was. By the evening her heart rate was just too slow. She was not getting the volume of air she needs at the this time. So the next best thing is CPAP. So she is still breathing on her own, but she is needing more volume.