Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Peek-a-boo and holding whenever

What a cutie pie!

Hey Meme, wassup!

Hey Mommy!

Another Family Photo (Thanks Julie)


Sucking her really!!!

I missed it, but Meme and Mommy got to see it live. But here it is thanks to wonderful digital technology.

Going home earlier than projected

So here is the new schedule likely not to change.
August 14th - Sleep Study
August 15th - Follow up echo of heart
August 16th - Infant CPR and Parent Test*
August 19th - Eye Exam and Going home!!!!

* The Parent Test is an overnighter in the hospital with just us and Brinson in a hospital room, to make sure we can handle it. All the other tests are for Brinson, the Parent test is to make sure we are ready.

Drum roll please....

....our Chunky Monkey is now 7lbs 0.2oz!!!! All the sleeping she has been doing has helped her grow and gain weight.

Meme Holding and Family Photo

After a false start on the 5th due to Tropical Storm Eduardo, Meme made it back in town.

Tummy Time

Sleep Sleep and More Sleep....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nearly 7lbs

Last night Brinson gained 2oz to a max weight of nearly 7lbs. After bath time we had to work on some giving meds and such. Well the NG tube would not pull back so it was clogged and had to come out. I think that was hard for Mommy to watch me put in the tube. Brinson cried..Mommy was sad...but I did it, which means I can do it at home.

Ellie (Awesome Jimmy and Nancy, we are so happy for you guys) goes home tomorrow and it is funny to watch both families. It looks like an assembly line of parents changing this and that for the Baby.

Wide awake watching Mommy

Ahhh....the moments just after a bath...just zoning...

What a beautiful moment!

Here is Mommy consoling Brinson after the NG tube replacement.
Look at Brin hold the pacifier

Suck away the badness....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bouncy seat test...

If there were a test for a bouncy seat, Brinson would have passed. She loved it.....mostly slept.

5 months old and we have a tentative discharge date

Amazing it is 5 months since Brinson was born.

And believe it or not we do have a tentative discharge date of August 21st.


All smiles

Lots of smiles out of Brinson. We only captured a few but I can tell you I have seen more smiles in the last 2 days than the whole time Brinson has been in NICU. She is a different baby; much much happier.

Monday, August 4, 2008

You can just see more

....more of Brinson I mean. No more stinking CPAP.

We started working on our skills with Meds, feeding and ostomy bag. So h___ is not that far away. They are saying a couple of weeks.

She will likely have a few more tests before h___ like car seat test (make sure she can handle being in a car seat) and sleep study (check for not breathing...etc)

And then we are also required to take Child Infant CPR before we go as well.

But h___ is not to far away! Scary and Exciting at the same time. is so hard being a NICU baby!


Holding my own pacifier

Finger licking good!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Off CPAP...Hooray!

Here is the first look at Brinson on cannulas. And she is sating 100% on 1/8 of liter. To give you an idea on how good that it is. The best we did in the past was working down to 1/2 liter and we started at 1 liter.

She is finally resting not fighting the CPAP.

BTW the tube going off to right of the picture is her new NG tube or nasal gastro tube. She is being feed through the new tub. So nothing is in her mouth....yeah!!!!