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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 29, 2008

We are drinking Milk!!!

Around noon the starting giving Brinson a continuous feed of Mommy's milk. They check every 4 hours and the first time she was able to digest .4cc and then 1.4cc. So Brinson is making progress.

Here you see it going in her OG tube. Later it will go in via NG and then via bottle. So we still have a long way to. I say again she is making progress.....yahoooooo!!!!

Here is Tiffany, a day time nurse (working on being a nurse practioner), taking care of Brinson. Tiffany is one of Lisa's favorite nurses.....she really likes to fuss over our child. We love that! Thanks Tiffany.

Look at the cute hat Brinson is wearing.

Look at those huge feet.

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Kathy said...

Yeah!!! Milk--that is awesome--we are praying that this continues to go well. Thank you for all the updates, we all look forward to them. She looks great on her tummy (mine always liked that better).